Best RFP Checklist for Creating a Digital Workplace

Ready to begin digitally transforming your workplace?

Our RFP Checklist Template is your go-to resource to better understand and assess what to look for when it comes to building a digital workplace. 

From accessibility, functionality, integrations, and analytics capability, our RFP Checklist Template presents key items you need to consider when evaluating digital workplace tools, such as:

  • Does the digital workplace tool provide operations and communication solutions for both desk and non-desk workers?
  • Does the platform provide a central hub for documents, policies, and integrate with existing operational systems?
  • Is the communication platform mobile, secure, and GDPR compliant?

Get started on the path to better operational efficiency and team communication!

“When I joined, there wasn’t a system for onboarding or content management. We analyzed our internal communications portfolio to determine how fast and fluid communication was. Before Beekeeper, it was slow and top-down. Beekeeper is an opportunity to break the spell of top-down-only company communication.”

Salome Ramseier, Head of Communications & Public Affairs, Holcim Switzerland and Italy