Beekeeper Buyer’s Guide

How to Buy Communication Software Your Team Will Love

Adding team collaboration software to your company’s tech stack can feel like a daunting task. There’s demos to sit through, stakeholders to convince, contracts to negotiate, and oh ya, you have to make sure your team actually uses it. 

Fortunately, the process for improving internal communication on your team doesn’t have to be so difficult. Our Buyer’s Guide will give you all the information you need so you know exactly what to expect during the buying process. There’s no surprises. No hidden fees. No hard sell at the end of the process. Just useful, relevant information to help you buy new software your team will love

Here are some key questions our Buyer’s Guide can answer for you:

  • Who is Beekeeper made for?

  • Who buys Beekeeper?

  • How do I convince my stakeholders that we need this?

  • How long is the buying cycle?

  • How much effort does it take to implement?

“The support we received in the beginning like PowerPoint templates for the launch was very helpful. Any time I have a question, I send an email and I get either a phone call or a reply back within an hour. Every time. All the customer support has just been really amazing.”

Tommi Krell, Director of Corporate Communications, West Star Aviation