Case Study: Wheatsville Food Co-Op

“Beekeeper has been the most well-received, cost-effective workforce and employee communication solution we have ever implemented."

Wheatsville Food Co-Op is a growing natural foods grocery. With a team of 250 employees, 70% of their workforce doesn’t have company email addresses. After conducting an employee engagement survey, Wheatsville realized they needed a team communication app and streamlined internal communications platform to close communication gaps between departments and frontline employees.

With Beekeeper’s communication tools, Wheatsville reduced email by 90%, freeing up management’s time from sifting through emails and printing out log notes to post on bulletin boards. Using Beekeeper to create their customized employee portal, Wheatsville Wire, the company now enjoys a centralized, company-wide internal communications hub. Wheatsville’s team communication app has enabled a range of unified communications about inventory and vendor updates, sales goals and performance, and customer request trends.

The case study details how Beekeeper’s team communication app has empowered Wheatsville Food Co-Op to:

  • Dramatically improve company-wide internal communication and employee connection

  • Enable better workforce management and distribution of crucial information

  • Boost and motivate peer-to-peer employee recognition

“I regularly talk to IT manager at different co-ops. We have all looked at a number of internal communication options and I tell them all to try Beekeeper. We wouldn’t have gotten close to the same support with any other tool that we get with Beekeeper. Our customer success manager held our hand through the whole process and the support has only continued.”

Ryan Vanstone, Information Systems Manager, Wheatsville Food Co-Op