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Case Study: USA Compression

"With Beekeeper, we are leading the industry with training and communication."

USA Compression manufactures and performs maintenance on compression equipment. The company needed to better connect their mobile workforce while avoiding digital employee communication tools that were more geared towards social networks.

Prior to adopting Beekeeper operations tools, the Northeast North division’s manufacturing operations were communicated via emails, paper notices, and phone calls. There was no reliable method to track employee communication, and technicians encountered delays when trying to obtain time-sensitive information. 

In the case study, you’ll learn how USA Compression deploys Beekeeper for manufacturing operations through the following use cases:

  • Employee communication streams for real-time equipment issue diagnosis
  • Posting with equipment-specific labels for easy reference on-the-go
  • Leveraging Beekeeper content to improve operations efficiency, safety, and maintenance training

“Our customers depend on their compression units to be operating without issue. Beekeeper helps us maintain our performance margins, and to fulfill our contracts.”

Brock Reed, Operations Support Lead, Northeast North District, USA Compression