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Boosting The Innovation Of Tomorrow – Meet The Four Participants of the Acceleration Program Summer Cycle 2021

Earlier this year, we launched the Beekeeper Acceleration Program. Over the last 3 months, more than 80 startups have submitted their applications. Only four of them were accepted into the program. Among those, we carefully selected the startups that we believe will have a valuable impact on the future of the frontline worker community. 

As part of the program, the four candidates will collaborate with Beekeeper customers and benefit from our team’s expertise and insights into frontline work to speed up their go-to-market and product/market fit. After integrating their innovative solutions into Beekeeper, customers have the opportunity to test the proof of value in a 3-month, free-of-charge trial phase. The overall goal is to create a joint success story where the startups’ integration gets listed on Beekeeper’s Marketplace

Without further ado, here are the final four!

1. Ario Connect

Remote assistance from everywhere at any time – Cut downtime by 20%, eliminate human error and enhance guidance and collaboration with Ario Connect.

The Ario Connect integration in Beekeeper offers two-way video calls enhanced with Augmented Reality to provide remote assistance with ease.

With this integration, frontline workers in manufacturing and construction can get assistance at the right moment and context from teammates anywhere at any time. 

Callers can visually interact in real-time by drawing, placing directional symbols for live instructions, sharing 3D models that indicate or explain specific parts of equipment and chat to communicate clearly independent of the noise level. The Augmented Reality-powered collaboration tool allows for remote guidance when performing tricky tasks in maintaining or operating machinery.

2. EduMe

Market-leading mobile-based training platform for the deskless workforce – Reduce time to productivity by 20% for new employees with EduMe.

EduMe is the biggest training platform designed for the deskless workforce. With access to Edume’s bite-sized training sessions, frontline employees get the knowledge and training needed to succeed. Employees can access courses instantly through chat, posts or any other communication channel of Beekeeper. Admins can easily broadcast training initiatives to specific teams, roles, locations or the entire company. 

3. Haris Digital

Improve production machine efficiency by up to 20% and maximize your manufacturing output with Haris Digital.

Haris Digital captures real-time data and key manufacturing metrics to prevent future downtime and maximize manufacturing outputs. Their easy-to-install wireless Bluetooth sensors provide accurate, real-time data streams from any production machine. Their system collects and visualizes the key manufacturing metrics and automatically triggers machine status alerts through chatbots or reports in Beekeeper.  

4. Wisy

Retail has never been more intelligent – Increase retail efficiency by at least 25% by automating tasks with Wisy.

With Wisy, Beekeeper customers in retail and CPG can upgrade their legacy retail to intelligent retail. Automate planogram checks with image recognition and real-time insights to generate smart tasks at points-of-sales for frontline workers. Workers can simply take a picture or video of a shelf with their smartphone. The seamless link to Wisy’s AI generates real-time analytics reports that simplify the demand forecast, share of shelf, product assortment, a new competing product, pricing analytics, missing or misplaced products, out-of-stock, and/or wrong pricing. With this Beekeeper integration, customers in retail or CPG can reduce loss, sell more effectively and boost their revenue through optimizing management. 

Learn more about participating startups and the Beekeeper Acceleration Program

We are already open for new applications for the upcoming Winter Cycle Acceleration Program 2021/22. Apply now!