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Announcing Our 2022 Frontline Success Summit! 🎉

Register Here

Our favorite time of year is almost here!

We’re excited to announce that registration is NOW OPEN for our annual frontline success summit!

The Frontline Success Summit is happening Wednesday, November 9th, 2022, at 11 am EST

Mark your calendars and register for the Frontline Success Summit here. 

This 3-hour virtual summit is packed with actionable takeaways to help leaders activate frontline success programs in their organizations.

Over the past decade, Beekeeper has worked with companies all over the world to empower and enable their frontline workforces. At our core, Beekeeper is more than the technology we build. We’ve grown into a global team of advocates, consultants, and experts in what drives frontline teams forward. We’re gathering top industry leaders together to share actionable ways they maximize the success of their frontline workforces.

“The speeches and presentations were educational and inspirational. I can’t wait to be a speaker myself this year.” 

– Alex Barber, Frontline Leadership Expert (Past attendee & 2022 speaker)

Frontline leaders are asking questions like:

  • How can I attract and retain frontline workers?
  • How does our company survive the next disruption?
  • What are the best frontline hiring strategies?
  • How do I include my diverse frontline teams in company communication?
  • How can I maximize productivity while improving the overall employee experience for frontline workers?

Summit attendees will get answers to these important questions, and discover how companies are leveraging technology to enhance the frontline experience

Our CEO, Cris Grossmann, and Chief Product Officer, Kees de Vos will kick us off with a keynote speech on how to solve the great frontline disconnect. And why companies must act NOW to address this problem and prioritize frontline success in 2023. 

We’ve got an incredible lineup of experts and thought leaders who will inspire you to take action to drive success in your frontline organization! 

They include:

  • Ed Gallier, Jury’s Inn, Head of Learning and Development
  • Jesse Antonio, Resorts World Las Vegas, Assistant Director – Team Member Engagement
  • Alex Barber, Frontline Sidekicks, Frontline Leadership Expert
  • Heinrich Supthut, ABB, Manufacturing Manager – Local Division System Drives
  • Stephanie Töltsch, Bründl Sports, Personal Marketing
  • Meral Kamci, Butlers, Head of Sales and Administration
  • Brianne Hoffman, MasTec, Sr. Marketing & Communications Principal
  • Tamara Palmer, Flagger Force, Internal Communications Manager – Marketing

Our experts will dive into topics, trends, and technologies that industry leaders need to know to achieve success in their frontline organizations. Many of them have launched frontline success programs within their own companies and are sharing exactly how they did it. 

These are real frontline leaders who are actively making positive changes in their organizations on a daily basis sharing real tips for real-world scenarios. Our goal is for every attendee to walk away from our summit with a list of actionable ideas they can implement in their organizations the next day

There’s something for everyone at the Frontline Success Summit—including IT, HR, Operations, and Executives. 

Our agenda will include sessions on:

  • Frontline Disconnect
  • Attracting & Retaining Top Talent
  • The Future of Frontline Work
  • Adapting to the Speed of Change in a Frontline World (in German)
  • Creating a Frontline-First Employee Experience
  • Frontline Trends and Predictions for 2023
  • Flexible Learning & Development for the Frontline

Finally, Beekeeper’s VP of Customer Success Shawn Lim will close the event out with our Frontline Hero Awards where we’ll honor a frontline worker who’s gone above and beyond for their community

Join us!

Click here to register for the Frontline Success Summit.

As a leader, it’s time to prioritize frontline enablement and define what that looks like for your company.