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Operational communication for non-desk teams

Deadlines, countdowns, to-do lists: the modern workplace is constantly chasing efficiency. Beekeeper’s mobile platform delivers real-time, operational communications that streamline workforce management. Your business processes won’t just be better — they’ll run like clockwork.

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Time Is Money. Make It Count.

You’re busy. The last thing your team needs is to track each other down with outdated communication methods. No one should spend time printing and reposting schedules that are constantly changing, preparing bulletins no one reads, and the list goes on. We’re already exhausted! Your time is better spent providing exceptional service to your customers—so leave the rest to us.

Beekeeper gives your workforce an easy way to collaborate and have access to all the tools and information they need. This year, we’ll be launching new features to support your operational communication needs. Built because our customers asked us to.

You call them challenges. We call them opportunities.

Workforces where the majority of employees aren’t tethered to a desk or computer deal with a unique set of communication and productivity issues. Below you’ll find the main challenges our customers face and a few ways Beekeeper solves them. To learn more, download our “Digitization of the Non-Desk Workforce” white paper.

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Streamlined Communications

  • Share information and updates with secure mobile messaging
  • Post announcements in streams or campaigns to reach every employee
  • Receive read confirmations to ensure your announcement was viewed
  • Break down language barriers with instant, inline translation in 100+ languages

Access to Important Information

  • Give employees one central access point to critical documents and systems
  • Segment content to make it relevant for each location, team, or department
  • Confirm that your content reached the right audience

Coordination and Productivity

  • Share daily briefings in streams to save time and have a written record of communications
  • Distribute project updates in real time with campaigns
  • Upload training and best practice videos straight from your phone
  • Digitize payroll processes and make payslips easily accessible in the app

Shift Schedules

  • Post schedules and allow employees to have easy access in the app
  • Give teams the power to directly contact their shift manager
  • Easily exchange or find coverage for vacant shifts

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Analytics and Insights

  • Measure employee engagement with a robust analytics dashboard
  • Send anonymized surveys to get feedback and make improvements
  • Use polls to let team members vote on an event, a new item to sell, etc.

Retention and Turnover

  • Create a seamless onboarding experience with passwordless login
  • Collect employee feedback and measure satisfaction with surveys
  • Give employee recognition by posting spotlights

Words from our customers


Q: Our employees speak multiple languages. How do you handle this?

The user interface reflects the default language on the user’s phone. We also offer inline translations so users can instantly translate posts in their preferred language. This feature supports 100+ languages.
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Q: How easy is it to get employees logged into the Beekeeper app?

The simplicity to log in is one of the things that sets us apart from other tools. Employees don’t need an email address to register or even a password to log in. They can simply sign in with an employee ID or phone number. Or, even easier, managers can generate a QR code in the app and sign them in on the spot.

Q: How secure is employee communication with Beekeeper?

Your data security is our top priority. That’s why we use best-in-class 256-bit TLS encryption, advanced firewall protection, perform regular external security audits, and have ISO 27001:2013 certified data centers. For more details, check out our Security page or download our Security white paper.
Download our Security White Paper

Q: How is Beekeeper different than similar platforms?

Our platform is mobile-first, built specifically for employees who are always on the move. Beekeeper is a one-stop shop for top-down, bottom-up, and peer-to-peer communications. It has an integrations marketplace, a robust analytics dashboard to measure engagement, and ISO 27001:13 certified data centers.
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Q: Beekeeper sounds nice to have, but what is the business value?

Our customers have experienced positive ROI in countless areas including increased productivity, lower turnover, eliminated printing costs, etc. To learn more about the impact Beekeeper has on customers, visit our Pricing page, download one of our case studies, or calculate your own ROI.
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Q: What kind of customer support services do you offer?

It depends on the type of package you purchase, as we offer varied levels of support. No matter which option you choose, you’ll always have email support to help with any questions and access to our Help Center and Beekeeper Academy training tools.

How Much Can You Save With Beekeeper?

Find out how clear communications and streamlined operations through the mobile-first Beekeeper platform significantly reduce costs by increasing employee productivity and engagement, lowering turnover, and automating tasks.

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