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Internal Communications

Make your internal communications more accessible, powerful, and engaging with a mobile-first platform for frontline employees.

Reach Everyone — Even Employees Without Phones

Gone are the days of creating multiple announcements for different channels. Get your message to every employee no matter where they work. Reach teams on mobile devices, desktops, or even in break rooms with digital signage.

Make a Measurable Impact

Streamline communication and prove your impact with powerful channels and analytics.

Increase engagement

Reach 85% activation and increase engagement by 300%.

Reach the right people at the right time

Segment your audience, schedule communication, and measure engagement in real time.

Track performance

Collect and benchmark engagement data across channels, teams, locations, and topics. Build a more impactful internal communications strategy.

Make Sure Your Message is Received

Recipients on the front line can confirm they’ve read important messages with the tap of a button. Monitor engagement and quickly follow up with people who haven’t responded.

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Even More Reasons to Love Beekeeper

Designed for Frontline Teams

With Beekeeper, companies achieve activation rates of over 85%—almost 6 times the industry average. Simply put, employees love using it.

Mobile-First Intranet Solution

Beekeeper’s document library is a segmented, mobile-friendly place to store guidelines, policies, SOPs, and more.

Content Planning Support

We know what works to drive engagement among frontline teams and will work with you to achieve your goals.

Banking-Standard Security

Beekeeper abides by the strictest international standards for data protection. Your internal communications are safe with us.

Perfectly Paired Integrations


Synchronize files and folders between SharePoint and Beekeeper’s document library.

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Social Media Apps

Save time and automatically add your social media posts to Beekeeper.

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Custom FAQ Bot

Provide instant, automated answers to frequently asked questions, specific to your company.

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