As millennials and Generation Z enter the workforce and step into management positions, technology inevitably tags along. Technology and those under 30 may have grown up together, but everyone can appreciate the usefulness of computers and the Internet. Smartphones and tablets are avenues for instant gratification, and in the workplace, make for efficient staff management and high staff engagement. Leveraging an online staff management system means more happy employees and simplified shift management processes for supervisors.


Staff Management Best Practices


Staff Management with Beekeeper

By the time a message from management reaches frontline workers or vice versa, information may be skewed, inapplicable, or changed from before. Sometimes, the trickle-down of information might be more like a game of telephone than an accurate relay of information. An online staff management system like Beekeeper can help solve problems of inconsistent information by keeping all communications recorded and timely.

Leverage Technology for Shift Management

A clear communication channel can make staff management assignments easy to conquer. Tasks relative to shift management can quickly add up—especially in retail, where companies can have multiple locations and hundreds of employees. Communicating shift changes, assigning tasks, and providing information through an online staff management system assures that management and frontline workers can reach one another effectively. With an online staff management system, companies can do the following:

  1. Keep shift changes organized: Customer service industries like retail can employ many hourly and part-time employees per location. An online staff management system can bring flexibility to shift changes, and keep the switch recorded for everyone’s reference.
  2. Assign tasks easily: A shift management agenda for retail might include taking inventory, unpacking shipment, or replenishing the sales floor. Using an online staff management system can track completed versus remaining tasks.
  3. Share documents: In retail, frontline workers are tasked with meeting visual standards for clothing displays based on corporate documents. Providing staff with these documents via an online staff management system can assure that every store is getting the same information, relieve store supervisors of printing documents, and allow employees instant access for easy reference.

Celebrate Employees to Boost Staff Engagement

When management shows appreciation for their frontline workers, the result is a team of happy employees. Through a newsfeed, Beekeeper’s online staff management system allows birthdays, work anniversaries, and employee highlights to be shared company-wide. This feature of Beekeeper’s internal communication tool can really make a difference when it comes to higher staff engagement and happy staff.

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