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The 5 Best Job Perks for Non-Office Employees

Being out in the field or working remotely can be isolating for your employees. They’re out on their own, trying to manage their own time and keep in contact with co-workers working in their cozy office. They’re also missing out on all of the little job perks the office employees get to enjoy. Most people know about the amazing perks Google employees get, but seldom do companies think providing perks for non-office employees.

This is unfortunate because these workers have certain traits — such as self-sufficiency and self-discipline — that deserve to be rewarded. But it’s easy to look over their happiness and engagement when they’re not in the office, which can leave employees feeling left out. Here are some great perks to offer your non-office employees to make them feel like a treasured part of your team and love their jobs.

1. Travel Allowances

Whether they’re working remotely or visiting different locations in the field, non-office employees can travel a lot. And although travel expenses are typically covered by employers, giving non-office employees a bit extra for personal car or air travel goes a long way to show your appreciation for everything they do.

Knowing their next tank of gas or air travel for a holiday was covered by you lets employees know you care about their well-being.

2. Great Perks for Employees: Cell phone and Mobile Device Stipends

Your employees out in the field are going to be on their devices a whole lot, and almost all of that time is going to be completing work-related activities. Providing your employees with Beekeper-enabled mobile devices or providing a BYOD device allowance is a great start and a great perk for employees. With cloud technology, it’s never been easier to share files and connect with employees, which makes having two cell phones a thing of the past.

3. Gift Cards for the Essentials

Whether it’s for coffee to perk up or a snack for the road, reminding your employees how much they mean to your company is a great way to improve engagement, especially for employees who don’t get much in-person interaction. Remember, most cars don’t have a refrigerator or a microwave, so it can be time-consuming to grab a snack or lunch. Sending them some gift cards for life’s necessities makes a huge difference for non-office employees.

4. Gym or Fitness Center Stipend

Companies like GE invest a lot into their employees’ health and fitness with programs and initiatives to motivate them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Offering a stipend for monthly gym memberships or a fitness tracker, such as a Fitbit, will help keep your non-office employees motivated to stay healthy. They don’t have the benefit of the support of office co-workers they see every day, so it’s essential to give your non-office employees every incentive to stay active and healthy.

5. Best Company Perks for Employees: Membership to Coworking Spaces

Being isolated takes a mental toll on non-office employees. Giving your employees access to a coworking space will give them interaction with others and allow them to grow professionally, and is one of the best company perks. If you’re looking to improve non-office worker employee performance, there may be no better investment in your people than paying for a co-working space membership.

Job perks allow you to hire and retain great talent because they prove that you value your employees. Use them to give back to your employees both in and out of the office. The return you get in engagement and productivity will be well worth the expense.

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