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How Retailers Can Conquer Black Friday with a Digital Workplace App

Retailers large and small prepare all year for the most important weekend in November—Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Simply put, just a few days out of the whole year can make or break a business. While retailers want to utilize every competitive edge, the high stakes often mean many retailers are also unwilling to experiment with new ideas.

This reluctance makes sense on the surface. What if a retailer embraces a new technology, marketing strategy or other trend – only for it to backfire during the busiest shopping weekend of the year? Many retailers prefer to stick with the safety of tried-and-true methods.

Unfortunately, an unwillingness to adapt to “the new” can result in a significant drop in sales and traffic. Customers are eager to embrace new technologies and methods when shopping both online and off. Retailers who are able to respond to their customers changing shopping preferences will be able to stand out from the competition.

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The Black Friday weekend is all about big crowds. Embracing new technology in the form of a digital workplace app can help you draw those crowds towards your space and away from the competition. Using a digital workplace app can open doors, both metaphorically and literally, for a wide range of new customers during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

What is a Digital Workplace App?

Although the under-the-hood technology is incredibly sophisticated, the purpose of a digital workplace app is actually very simple. In a retail environment, a workplace app connects all employees in a natural, systematic way.

Corporate offices can connect with frontline employees. Colleagues can share information throughout the organization. Specific team-based communication channels can be created.

The information shared extends well beyond messaging. Predefined communication channels allow for product updates, inventory arrivals, and real-time insights from the sales floor. This allows for always-current management and analysis, even during the busiest shopping periods of the year.

Beyond day-to-day operations, digital workplace apps can help motivate and excite employers. A dynamic, engaging corporate culture doesn’t just increase retention of current employees, but also helps attract a top-tier workforce for the future. Digital workplace apps help facilitate sales competitions, team building exercises, and other methods of boosting employee morale.

Empowering Employees During Black Friday

Black Friday advertising and promotions will drive customers towards your store. But once inside, everything depends on the actions of your employees. Unfortunately, Black Friday crowds can be large and notoriously difficult. Employee morale needs to be carefully monitored and managed.

A digital workplace app can help boost morale even during periods of great workplace stress. Because the app can be accessed from anywhere using a mobile device, employees can be given more freedom both at work and during off hours. For instance, employees of a store can create a group chat to discuss schedule changes or even coordinate off-hours morale building get-togethers.

The ability to use an app to connect with a supervisor or manager quickly helps increase employee confidence and autonomy. This is especially useful in appliance and electronic retail where employee knowledge is likely wide, but relatively shallow since there is so much technical information to remember. An app allows employees to quickly seek out the answers to any technical questions asked by a potential customer without having to leave the sales floor.

How Mobile Apps Help Prepare Employees for Black Friday Promotions

On a corporate level, promotions for Black Friday weekend may need to be changed quickly and often. Retail competitors will be trying to out-maneuver one another right until the last minute with constantly changing prices, price matching bonuses, and other customer engagements.

Keeping employees up-to-date on the changes is easy with a digital workplace app. Changes can be instantly sent to all employees within a designated channel. Plus, training updates can also be quickly communicated. A digital workplace app lets employees read training manuals and other instructions at their earliest convenience, which tends to promote information retention.

Mobile communication helps promote employee autonomy. When an employee feels trusted and valued enough to operate without constant supervision, they’re far more likely to enjoy and remain engaged with their work.

Digital Workplace Apps are Quick and Easy to Implement

While a workplace app can greatly enhance the customer experience, customers don’t directly engage with the app. This means most, if not all, of your customer-facing practices can remain unchanged. Instead, the digital workplace app is intended for use by every employee within the retail environment from the sales floor to corporate.

The digital app revitalizes your entire employee structure, allowing for faster and more efficient communication. Plus, digital workplace apps help empower your employees, which boosts morale and promotes retention.

The Black Friday weekend is important, dynamic, and stressful for retailers. A digital workplace app can be an important tool in improving the experience for both customers and employees. Turn this Black Friday into the biggest retail success yet!