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How to Leverage Mobile Technology for a Better Restaurant Experience

Running a successful restaurant takes more than delivering great service and great food. To stay truly competitive, food service executives also need to be ready, willing, and able to adapt to change to keep up with industry, and societal, trends. That means joining the digital restaurant revolution by utilizing mobile technology in their operations.

Restaurant communication has traditionally been verbal. Many restaurants, especially multi-unit QSR (quick service restaurant) establishments, now have Chief Technology Officers to guide them through their digital expansion. Emerging industry technology includes both internal communication tools and customer-facing digital platforms, both vital assets in improving the customer experience.

While face-to-face is the way to go for many business interactions, a restaurant environment demands a faster solution. Adopting mobile communication tools and technology solutions will improve operations and deliver data-driven guest management for a better customer experience.

Mobile Workforce Communications Improve Customer Experience

Dawn Sweeney, president of the National Restaurant Association, believes that technology gives restaurants “greater opportunities for efficiency and customer connection.” An operational communication platform designed to connect mobile employees to their employer and to one another, is an ideal solution for both restaurant workforce management and customer service.

An internal communications app enables a manager to directly communicate with their dispersed restaurant team through their mobile devices. It also empowers employees with a digital way to handle their schedules, allowing them to find their own replacement for a scheduled shift.

It’s worth mentioning that transparent internal communications and greater employee autonomy have also been linked to higher worker morale, a direct line to higher retention. Hospitality and food service industries have a 70% turnover rate, one of the highest across the board. Recruiting, replacing and training new staff is time-consuming and expensive. Investing in mobile internal digital communications increases retention and improves the guest experience because staff isn’t constantly turning over and having to get up to speed on your processes and menu.

Real-Time Internal Communication Improves Efficiency

In the restaurant business, time is money. From the chefs to the hosts to the waitstaff, the ability to relay information quickly is critical in this fast-paced service industry. A mobile team app facilitates real-time internal communication to:

  • Resolve customer issues quickly
  • Empower employees with up-to-the-minute information to provide guests without leaving the table
  • Share time-sensitive updates to your entire team at the same time

Front-of-house staff has generally had to leave their post to find answers to customer questions. With mobile team communication tools, they’ll have that information at their fingertips when they need it.

Customer-Focused Communication Tools

Restaurant customers expect smooth, timely service whether they’re dining in-house or ordering takeout to enjoy off-premise. It’s the restaurant’s responsibility to make sure every guest has that experience. Diners are also an increasingly digitally-savvy population. Adopting mobile communication tools for back-of-house operations and communication provides a seamless customer experience that parallels the majority of consumer encounters today.

When it comes to the food-service industry, the main thorn in a customer’s side is waiting: for their food, their table, or for the check. Fortunately, digital trends are streamlining the customer experience and getting rid of the hiccups often associated with going out to eat.

Mobile communication tools are overhauling the restaurant business model to make the customer experience quicker and smoother. Mobile technology facilitates a more functional environment for staff and a better experience for diners alike––giving restaurants a competitive edge for long-term sustainability.

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