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Workforce Management Best Practices to Elevate the Customer Experience

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Think of workforce management best practices as an ecosystem containing an organization’s multiple personnel functions such as scheduling, growth forecasting, and measuring employee engagement. Streamlining these processes maximizes efficiency, boosts productivity, and drives the customer experience. It starts by making the move to a digital workplace.

Go Digital with Workforce Management Practices

By channeling information and business processes through an internal communications platform, you’re investing in your workforce and customer experience. Bringing your employees into the internal communications loop gives them access to information they need to be your brand ambassadors and to deliver great customer service. Acknowledging the importance of their role in the customer experience is a big morale booster for frontline staff, and a digital workforce management platform builds a more engaged team.

The Watergate Hotel is Washington, D.C.’s renowned luxury hotel, newly remodeled and with a staff of 280 people. When leadership wanted to improve their guest experience, they migrated their workforce management practices over to Beekeeper’s business communication app. that handles all internal communications including:

  • Notifying staff of the arrival of VIP guests.
  • Exchanging important information between frontline teams.
  • Introducing new hires, staff training, and posting employee recognition for exceptional service.

Switching to a digital workforce management system has had great results for The Watergate Hotel.

“We have improved our guest services scores. We’ve improved our TripAdvisor ratings. We’ve actually improved internal communication on every single detail it takes to orchestrate a hotel daily.”– Jeff David, Managing Director, The Watergate Hotel

Improve Your Internal Communications Strategy

With a business communication app, workforce management silos are centralized in one integrated system rather than functioning as individual parts. Do you have enough frontline staff scheduled for projected growth? How does employee engagement affect forecasted sales? Each element of your workforce management solution directly impacts the others. Comprehensive assessment of your workforce management strategy provides a big-picture view in order to deliver a great experience to your customers. This concept is a foundation of Beekeeper’s mission as an internal communications platform.

Design a Digital Workplace with Your Customer in Mind

When building your workforce management system, it’s important to flip your view and look through the eyes of your customers. What connects them to your company? Then, work backwards and examine your workforce management procedures. You might find a gap in employee training. 89% of companies compete based on customer experience. Consider your customer when researching and creating internal communications platforms to give them an unparalleled experience.

How a Business Communication App Facilitates Better Customer Service

Even as technology advances in the world and in the workplace, most consumers still want to interact with a human. Automating workforce management through a digital workplace ensures your frontline teams are armed with the right information in real-time and ready to represent the company. A business communication app allows employees quick access to company information that’s valuable to the customer experience. Empowered, knowledgeable frontline workers are a valuable asset in shaping your customer experience.

Customer experience begins long before the customer enters the picture, and starts with your workforce management. When you integrate operations into an internal communications platform, you’re investing in your company, your team – and ultimately, your customer.

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