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From Paper to Pixels: Driving Digital Transformation for Frontline Teams

How Beekeeper and Microsoft Work Together

Struggling to reach your deskless workers with Microsoft? Increase onboarding and activation rates by 5.6X through Beekeeper, a mobile-first solution designed for the needs of frontline businesses. Integrate Beekeeper with Microsoft to bring your entire workforce online with a complete digital transformation strategy.

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Extend Microsoft to Your Frontline

Beekeeper maximizes your investment in Microsoft through out-of-the-box integrations. Make company information and communications accessible to frontline employees without requiring IT and HR resources or change management. Our open API enables custom-built integrations, seamlessly connecting into your existing Microsoft environment.

Teams Integration

Communicate with all staff in seconds by sharing posts between Teams and Beekeeper. Pass form submissions from frontline workers into Teams and create an instant connection across all employees.

Sharepoint Integration

Give frontline workers easy access to the files they need. Sync documents between Sharepoint and Beekeeper automatically. Avoid administrative work by updating company policies and SOPs in one place. 

The only mobile app built for the realities of frontline work. Try Beekeeper, totally free.

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Azure Active Directory (AD) Integration

Help new hires get started with Beekeeper quickly using the Azure AD integration. Streamline user provisioning and ensure only active employees have access to company information. No IT support or maintenance needed.

Azure Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

Give frontline workers without email addresses a secure way to log into Beekeeper with their Azure AD credentials. Save everyone time with a frictionless mobile login experience that requires no additional password management.

“Unlike other tools like [Viva Engage], Beekeeper was built specifically for frontline employees. It’s simple to use and the advanced permissions capabilities allows us to easily regulate what types of content our sister companies can see.”

Mandy McPhail,
Business Technology Partner

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