Employee Engagement Strategies That Work

Unlock the secrets to employee engagement that truly work! Our workshop featured speakers Christy Shapard, VP of HR, and Carla Forbes, Director of Human Resources, from North Point Hospitality. Gain insights into innovative strategies that go beyond conventional approaches, for a more engaged and productive workforce.

Why Employee Engagement Matters

Engaged employees are the cornerstone of exceptional customer service and heightened guest satisfaction. Discover how to foster a workplace where your team feels empowered, valued, and essential to your business’s success.

Our workshop features insights from industry experts:

  • Christy Shapard, VP of HR, North Point Hospitality
  • Carla Forbes, Director of Human Resources, North Point Hospitality

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Who is Beekeeper

Beekeeper is transforming the way frontline businesses work. Our mobile-first platform helps companies ditch paper and manual processes to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance.