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From Paper to Pixels: Driving Digital Transformation for Frontline Teams

October 23, 2019

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About the Webinar

SHRM-Certified HR leader, Jodi Beaubien reveals how companies can weather the current labor shortage crisis through employee retention strategies. Record-low unemployment levels and the ubiquity of the rising gig economy has created a talent desert for companies with more than 50% of their workforce comprised of frontline employees. Learn actionable ways to attract and retain top talent in today’s challenging labor landscape.

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Drawing on her robust experience at the intersection of crisis communication, mobile technology, and the employee experience, Jodi Beaubien helps organizations implement solutions that drive better outcomes when responding to a critical event. She has worked during catastrophic and high intensity events such as the City of New York during 9/11. Currently, at Symantec, Jodi helps support partnerships in the Cyber Insurance community, with a focus on panel relationships and communication. Joining in January of 2019, Jodi’s position was created to coincide with the launch of Symantec’s new breach response innovation, designed to address the seismic shift in consumer and employee attitudes towards privacy. Leveraging a modern, mobile-first approach to crisis communication, Jodi aims to deliver solutions designed to evolve with the industry, not behind it. Jodi has studied Communications, Organizational Management and Project Management at the Graduate level. She holds globally recognized certifications in Human Resource Management. She resides in Austin, Texas where she volunteers at two inner city schools and is a member on the city urban planning committee.