Frontline worker looking at a mobile device
Frontline worker looking at a mobile device

Operational Productivity

Save time. Reduce coordination effort. Drive productivity. A communication and collaboration solution designed for your frontline employees.

Boost Productivity

Frontline workers waste 3 hours per week looking for information. Connect them to a single source of truth.

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Put all the contacts, information, and tools your teams need right at their fingertips

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Streamline processes with out-of-the-box forms

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Communicate shift schedules for complete coverage

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Increase Agility

Only 20% of employees are reachable in 5 minutes. It's time to change that with a well-connected workforce.


Digitize trainings and ensure easy access to updated protocols and guidelines 24/7

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Share updates in seconds with personalized campaigns


Ensure comprehension with surveys, polls, and translation available in 100+ languages

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Strict Regulatory Compliance and Data Protection

Beekeeper is a highly secure cloud-based SaaS offering. The platform is always compliant with the latest regulatory and security requirements like GDPR.

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ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 certifications

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AES 256 and TLS 1.2 encryption

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Turn Customers Into Advocates

Provide experiences and products customers will love with happy, well-informed frontline teams.

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Share and celebrate high-quality work


Improve company culture and motivation


Resolve issues before your customers even notice 

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USP Main Title

Other Benefits You’ll Love

USP Sub-Blocks
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Banking-Standard Security

Beekeeper abides by the strictest international standards for data protection. Your internal communications are safe with us.
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Designed for Frontline Teams

With Beekeeper, companies achieve activation rates of over 85%—almost 6 times the industry average. Simply put, employees love using it.
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Hands-On Support From Industry Experts

Forget about slow, painful, standardized rollouts. We know the challenges of frontline teams and will work with you to achieve your goals.
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Customization and Scale for Enterprises

In addition to out-of-the-box integrations, Beekeeper has an open API, flexible administrative structure, and custom branding options for enterprises.

Integrations for Operational Efficiency

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CheckProof Checklists

Keep your frontline teams safe and on track with mobile maintenance checklists. 
Learn More

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Custom FAQ Bot

Provide instant, automated answers to frequently asked questions, specific to your company.
Learn More

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Whispr Workflows

Increase efficiency and quality with a workflow tool built for the front line.
Learn More

Customers Owning Their Operations

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Bryan Cornelius
North Point logo

"Sharing any type of information is more efficient through Beekeeper compared to other channels because it’s more accessible and immediate. On average, Beekeeper saves me 3 hours each week.”

Bryan Cornelius, General Manager, North Point Hospitality
Erin Kearney
TGH logo

“Beekeeper created a single and secure option to streamline how our entire team collaborates and communicates internally. Our communication and operations with our staff have absolutely improved since implementing Beekeeper.”

Erin Kearney, Project Manager, TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track
Juan Rojas
Wireless Vision logo

“Our teams can easily communicate with the entire field, rather than relying on email (which store teams do not read) or conference calls which no one pays attention to. We create streams where important information lives and it drastically reduces the amount of time spent searching for the items we need daily.”

Juan Rojas, Senior Director of Retail Operations, Wireless Vision
Larry Dietz
Professional Plating logo

“Efficient and correct communications became more difficult as we expanded. The ability to again quickly and clearly share the SAME message to all team members rather than having email or other communication forms taken wrong or misread is a game changer!"

Larry Dietz, General Manager, Professional Plating

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