Connect large groups of non-desk employees to operational systems and their colleagues. Digitize everyday workflows like shift scheduling, assignments, or team communication. Easily inform everyone of health, safety, and training procedures.
Beekeeper Communication Streams
Beekeeper digital workplace app



Streams are predefined communication channels where colleagues can share information and engage with specific teams or the entire organization.

Distribute News

Distribute company news, updates, and protocols

Customize user access

Customize user access and roles

Motivate employees

Motivate employees and celebrate achievements


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"For production workers, a lot of things were simply not communicated because we lacked a communication flow that could effectively reach our teams in the field. We needed another avenue where we could reach employees whom we couldn't reach before."

Beth Holz, Communications Specialist, Seaboard Foods
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Add Connectors

Access all information from 750+ cloud applications in one place.

Build custom Connectors

Easily build upon our open API.

Centralized information

Manage employee life cycles in your HR system or Active Directory.

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"Thanks to Beekeeper, we can now reach everyone which was very complicated with traditional communications channels. Our employees work in shifts and at different times. Most of our employees don't have access to a computer, but they do have smartphones."

Anne-Catherine Rüegg, Head of Communications/PR, MIDOR


Work better together with secure and organized communication channels to message any employee in real time.

Send 1:1

Send 1:1 or group messages without email or phone numbers

Easily share documents

Easily share documents, links, pictures, and videos

Increase productivity

Increase productivity and shorten response times


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"With Beekeeper, we reach a large percentage of our employees since 50% don't have an email address and work in another country. We can communicate with every location and strengthen our corporate culture. Beekeeper has made internal communications fast and we can now reach everyone."

René Merkli, Head Corporate Communications, STOBAG AG


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