#1 Team App for Logistics

Beekeeper is the team app and employee portal to help you improve internal team communications. Integrate with operational systems with a unified platform where employees are alerted about inventory, handling, packaging, and route updates. Share goals, processes, and safety information with staff.

Secure Team Messaging

Work better together with organized team communication channels. Learn how instant messaging for business transforms customer service.

Instant team communication

Send 1:1 or group messages without exchanging emails or phone numbers

Centralize and distribute files

Easily store and share documents, links, and pictures

Increase workforce productivity

Improve operational communication and shorten response times


What Our Customers Are Saying

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"Thanks to Beekeeper, we can now reach everyone which was very complicated with traditional communications channels. Our employees work in shifts and at different times. Most of our employees don't have access to a computer, but they do have smartphones."

Anne-Catherine Rüegg, Head of Communications/PR, MIDOR

Automate Workflows

Increase the efficiency of workflows by making sure the right employees receive the right information at the right time to complete tasks and collaborate.

Worker Bees

Automate communications with trigger-based workflows

Operational chatbots

Use chatbots to automate, facilitate, and respond to common HR or IT requests


Schedule internal announcements in advance and track engagement with read receipts

Content Sharing

Make important files easily accessible to all your employees

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