The #1 Internal Communication Platform for Healthcare Organizations

Beekeeper frees up healthcare professionals to spend more time with patients through virtual shift management and real-time internal communications that connect your workforce across departments and locations.

Secure and Compliant

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Unified Communication Streams

Streams are predefined communication channels where colleagues can share information and engage with specific teams or the entire organization.

Distribute company news

Share updates and protocols with searchable labels for categorization

Customize user access

Customize content access and delegate moderation rights

Motivate employees

Foster recognition by celebrating achievements and tagging team members


Automate Workflows

Increase efficiency of workflows by making sure the right employees receive the right information at the right time to get tasks done in the right order

Worker Bees

Automate communications with trigger-based workflows

Operational chatbots

Use chatbots to automate, facilitate, and respond to common HR or IT requests


Schedule internal announcements in advance and track engagement with read receipts

File Sharing

Share various file types through Communication Streams or direct messages

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"What continues to delight me is that our team members who are our quiet heroes are becoming known through their posts. With Beekeeper, we’ve been given a whole new way to recognize them in a way we couldn’t before."

Jan Roth, VP of Talent Resources, Christian Living Communities

Secure Team Messaging

Work better together with organized team communication channels. Learn how instant messaging for business transforms customer service.

Instant team communication

Send 1:1 or group messages without exchanging emails or phone numbers

Centralize and distribute files

Easily store and share documents, links, and pictures

Increase workforce productivity

Improve operational communication and shorten response times


Confirmation Campaigns

Real-time read confirmations ensure everyone is informed and held accountable for viewing critical communications.

I Received Your Message, Thank You!


Verify crisis, safety, and regulatory information is viewed and follow up with those who haven’t responded. Confirm maintenance, schedule, or event changes so everyone is on the same page.

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