Healthcare worker looking at her phone device
Healthcare worker looking at her phone device

Engage Your Frontline Healthcare Workers

Become a competitive healthcare employer with a mobile platform that lets you reach, connect, and engage with your entire workforce through a secure platform.

Boost Employee Engagement and Morale

Combat the shortage of skilled workers with cutting-edge technology that creates a happier, more engaged workforce. Reach everyone in your organization, no matter the function, department, or location.

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Engage, recognise, and retain existing employees

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Create a community that values every employee equally

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Reduce turnover and increase company loyalty

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Improve Quality Management

Create continuous feedback loops and share important resources to constantly optimise the quality of care.

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Share training videos to standardise processes

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Send follow-up questionnaires to confirm employees understand

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Make SOPs and legal documents digitally accessible from anywhere

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Strict Regulatory Compliance and Data Protection

Beekeeper is a highly secure cloud-based SaaS offering. The platform is always compliant with the latest regulatory and security requirements like GDPR.

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ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 certifications

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AES 256 and TLS 1.2 encryption

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Words From Our Healthcare Customers

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J. Cherill's picture
Response logo

"Beekeeper really helped to get everyone at Response engaged and to create a sense of community among all employees. There are so many great things happening and finally we have a way to share that with everyone."

Jack Cherrill, Communications Officer, Response
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"Beekeeper is our information hub for all employees. Even colleagues without a fixed workplace, as well as shift and part-time employees, can use the app to gain immediate access to important information. The implementation was simple, fast, and straightforward."

Pharmacy, Zur Rose
Natalie Ferch headshot
Haus der Barmherzigkeit logo

"The communication between colleagues is so easy and fast. Our Knowledge Stream, for example, is very popular. Colleagues exchange information on subject-specific topics and encourage each other to continue their education. For us as an organisation, this is also a kind of quality assurance of our care.”

Natalie Ferch, Communication, Haus der Barmherzigkeit
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More Benefits for Healthcare Industries

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Instantly Send Surveys

Send quality management surveys to your entire frontline workforce in seconds. See results through the robust analytics dashboard.

Make Legal Guidelines More Accessible

Stay compliant by making legal guidelines more accessible. Onboard new employees faster with easy access to training documents.
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Digitise Existing Processes

Digitise maintenance documentation and PPE requests. Transform time-consuming paper processes into high-speed digital ones.
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Share Knowledge and Drive Innovation

Encourage employees to share the latest news and innovations in the healthcare industry to keep staff up to date on new technology and best practices.

Make Your Workplace Tech Work for You

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Mobile Survey Integrations

Integrate Beekeeper with dedicated employee feedback tools for continuous improvement and a more satisfied workforce. Achieve the highest possible response rates.
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Features Designed to Save Time

Reduce coordination time with chats, voice messaging, bots, and mobile shift schedules. Distribute mobile-accessible updates in seconds with news streams.

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Azure Active Directory Integration

Automatically synchronize workforce information from Azure AD, Abacus, Ceridian, or most other HRIS platforms with Beekeeper so your data is always up to date.
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