Need an Employee App for Healthcare? Meet Beekeeper

Beekeeper’s Frontline Success System enables you to connect directly with your healthcare workforce to optimize care quality, reduce health and safety incidents, and boost retention.

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Go Digital And Improve Your Quality Of Care 

Streamline patient requests and process safety forms and information in minutes instead of days. Replace paper with digital safety checks, incident reports, checklists, and more to mitigate risks and address hazards in real-time.

Beekeeper is safe, compliant, and effective in the field

Fully compliant with safety and well-being regulations

Engage, recognize, and retain existing employees

Speed up onboarding of new hires

Automate and digitize paper-based processes like health forms, cleaning checklists, and more

Create A Better Onboarding Experience For Healthcare Teams

Get new team members up to speed with fully automated onboarding in Beekeeper.  

Connect & Engage Healthcare Staff

No more phone trees, group texts, and WhatsApp groups. Get important, time-critical information to your employees in their preferred language and get confirmation they’ve read it.

Better, Safer Patient Care

Digitize paper-based processes. Streamline health checks, cleaning, and staff communication to improve quality of care.

Onboard & Retain More Staff

Reduce turnover by 40%.
Increase retention and strengthen team culture with employee recognition.
Automate your onboarding and get new hires up-to-speed 3Xs faster than before.

Beekeeper Pricing

Flexible. Scalable. Customizable. Choose a plan that works for you.

We Have High Standards. Strict Regulatory Compliance and Data Protection

ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 certifications

Connect systems

Customer’s choice of data center location

Data is encrypted at rest and in transit

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

Virtual Private Cloud

Highly secure cloud-based SaaS offering

Full Encryption

Mobile app data encryption

High Availability

Contractually binding 99.9% SLA

About Beekeeper’s Security

Attract and Retain Healthcare Employees

The labor shortage has impacted the healthcare industry hard. That’s why we’re committed to helping healthcare teams attract new employees, onboard and train them in less time, and boost overall retention rates. 

Connect systems

Bridge the gap between senior management and frontline healthcare staff

Mitarbeiterempfehlung icon

Instantly communicate urgent safety updates to medical staff

Mitarbeiter vernetzen Icon

Reach a multilingual workforce with instant, inline translation

Share the most up-to-date shift schedules digitally and automatically notify employees of any changes. Streamline shift communication to make shift-swapping and requesting easier.

Host policies and SOPs in a mobile-friendly document library that field workers can access 24/7

Connect Beekeeper with the IT Systems You Already Use

Many of our healthcare customers love that Beekeeper integrates and enhances the programs they already use. 

Bring your intranet back to life

User management with Azure

SharePoint integration for document sharing

Sync shift information/schedules

Mobile employee surveys 

Secure and Compliant