Case Study: Holcim Switzerland and Italy

“Beekeeper contributes to digital literacy and lessens anxieties around use of digital communication tools.”


Holcim (Schweiz) AG, a subsidiary of the worldwide LafargeHolcim Group Ltd, is a leading building materials and solutions provider. The company provides cement, aggregates, and ready-mix concrete for a wide range of applications including infrastructure, commercial, and residential construction projects.

Holcim Switzerland & Italy, a subsidiary of LafargeHolcim, needed communication tools for operations management primarily in their manufacturing plants, quarries, and office service areas to connect ~1,500 workers. The company needed a way to distribute corporate communications and align local Holcim communities into one online community. 

This case study covers how Holcim implemented Beekeeper for employee connection and operations management with:

  • $50,000 reduction in print collateral costs 
  • Connecting manufacturing plant activities and remote worksite updates 
  • Inline translation to better communicate between linguistically and geographically dispersed teams
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"We are involved in exciting projects and I see a lot of great construction sites where our building materials are used. Most of my colleagues never get the opportunity to witness our products and services in action. Beekeeper allows me to share my pride in these projects with my colleagues no matter where they work."

Heinz Eisele, Sales Consultant, Holcim (Schweiz) AG