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Case Study: Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort

“Employees often feel out of the loop or like they’re not in the know. They don’t have the latest information, and they want to. There’s a desire to be able to answer guest questions and feel like they’re part of the team.”

Washington-based Mission Ridge is a skiing and snowboarding resort that operates on more than 2,000 acres. As a seasonal business, the company can employ up to 400 workers in the busy months and 15 during the off-season.

In 2017, the resort adopted Beekeeper as its frontline collaboration and communication tool that enabled the business to stay flexible during times of uncertainty. Little did they know that the same agility would be put to the test in 2020.

With the help of Beekeeper, Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort stayed resilient throughout the global pandemic and was better positioned to transition to the next normal. Read the complete case study to learn how this organization maximizes operational efficiency and builds an engaged workforce – no matter what the season brings.

This case study reveals how Beekeeper:

  • Connected, informed, and engaged dispersed employees
  • Supported business agility and helped build a more resilient team
  • Improved retention by keeping employees engaged during the off-season

“We need to bring back experienced people, and in a seasonal business, that’s one of the biggest challenges we face. Keeping them engaged with the resort in the off-season has led to better retention.”

Josh Jorgensen, General Manager, Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort