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Case Study: Two Spice

Beekeeper helps Two Spice improve internal team communications with all employees.

Two Spice is a Zurich-based food service and lifestyle company. They manage 22 restaurants, including Nooba, the sushi establishments Yooji’s, and the slow fast food restaurants JACK&JO. With 600 employees, most of whom don’t have email addresses, Beekeeper helped improve internal communications, group messaging, and employee engagement.

This case study will tell you how Beekeeper helped Two Spice to:

  • Reach and connect 600 employees
  • Reduce management time spent on content distribution
  • Get 50% higher participation in employee contests

About Beekeeper

Beekeeper is a team communication app and employee portal that helps businesses around the world with workforce solutions. Use Beekeeper with your digital workforce and remote workers for secure group messaging, employee engagement, collaboration, and internal communications.

“Beekeeper simplifies the exchange of information and connects our employees!”

Sarah Strub, Coordinator for Employer Branding, Events, and Trainings, Two Spice