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Zurich as a digital Hub – press-conference for the CeBIT delegation

One of the biggest events in the European digital industry – CeBIT is happening in March next year, but preparations have already started. Every year one country is named to be the partner of the event and this year Switzerland is proud to take over this role. “Switzerland is one of the most innovative countries in the world. It is an internationally respected center of R&D excellence, not to mention one of the most affluent countries on the planet.” One of the duties of being a CeBIT partner is to host a series of events for international delegation of journalists to present the digital business environment in the country. And this is happening now.

Yesterday it was Zurich’s turn to demonstrate its digital entrepreneurial spirit. The event was hosted by DigitalZurich2025 association whose main aim is to strengthen Zurich’s position as a digital hub. ImpactHub opened it’s doors for the delegation and 8 local digital companies  who shared their innovative business ideas and we’re very proud Crisitan Grossmann, the CEO of Beekeeper was one of the eight. The ideas pool included: а cryptofinance software company, technologies for virtual learning, an innovative chair, a new generation of drones, a flexible communication tool for businesses, an interface of things, interactive entertainment services in the airspace and a planning and management solution for on-demand mobility. They are all very different in terms of the problems they are addressing, the only thing they have in common is that they would never come to life without digital technologies and Switzerland supporting them all the way from ideation to execution.

Despite the importance of the startup culture, you can’t talk about the Swiss digital environment without inviting the biggest players like Swisscom. Urs Schaeppi (CEO, Swisscom AG) had a very vibrant presentation where he shared his view on the rapidly changing digital technologies and key challenges for the biggest telecommunication companies in Switzerland and globally. Innovation is crucial, the business has changed completely in the last few years. (e.g. SMS vs WhatsApp, Landline vs Mobile Phone). Companies like Swisscom are in a global competition and therefore it is very important that politicians are also thinking globally and don’t prevent innovation by local cartel laws.

We hope that the delegation also enjoyed the presentations and looking forward to presenting Beekeeper in Hannover in March.

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