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How to Roll Out Beekeeper’s Collaboration Software to Your Hotel Team Like a Pro

As a hotel manager, you know that company culture, employee engagement, and a solid internal communications strategy are crucial components of creating the ultimate employee experience.

As hotels begin to recover from the deep impacts of the pandemic, they’ll have to contend with the labor shortages that previously ravaged the hospitality industry. Recruiting, training, and retaining top talent will be more important than ever.

Your frontline hotel employees are the face of your hospitality brand. They make the first impression on a guest and leave a lasting memory as your customer walks out the door. Having a rockstar frontline hotel team is absolutely essential to ensure a five-star guest experience.

So how exactly do you build a motivated, enthusiastic, and highly productive frontline workforce in your hotel?

Optimize Your Hotel Operations with Beekeeper Collaboration Software

So you’ve decided to scale up your internal communications with Beekeeper (great decision btw). But where should you start? How can you make sure that your investment pays off and your team loves their new digital workplace?

At this point you probably have lots of questions. How long will this take? Will my team really use it? How do you even set goals for employee engagement? What’s the meaning of life?

Ok, so we may not be able to help with that last one. But for any and all non-existential life questions, and especially ones about employee communication, we’ve got you covered.

Convincing The Beekeeper Non-Believer

This is NOT our first rodeo. We’ve helped hotels all over the world roll out Beekeeper, and we’ve come to know and love that one non-believer in the room.

Maybe it’s a maintenance worker who “doesn’t do all that technology.” Or perhaps it’s a night manager who thinks this is just a glorified social media platform. Or maybe it’s a soft-spoken housekeeper who might be worried that her English isn’t good enough to communicate well with her co-workers on the app. (BTW, that’s why we have an inline translation feature).

Our Customer Success Team is highly experienced at converting a Beekeeper non-believer. Once they see what it’s like to work a shift with Beekeeper in their back pocket, they’ll never want to go back.

When we rolled it out to our team, people were openly skeptical. They said, ‘It’s gonna eat my data. I don’t want social media. I don’t want Facebook.’ But now all of a sudden they have a platform to market their department. I couldn’t be happier. I think it was a genius move. We were all a bit nervous about the roll out, but with Beekeeper’s support it all came together. I can tell that everyone is communicating more openly now.

– Tommi Krell, Director of Corporate Communications, West Star Aviation

We know you have lots of questions. But fear not. We’ve created a comprehensive, step-by-step Beekeeper onboarding packet, exclusively for hotels.

In this hotel onboarding packet, you’ll find:

  • The ultimate roll out checklist
  • A Hotel Content Plan (with content ideas just for the hospitality industry)
  • The latest strategies and trends to help you optimize your hotel operations

Beekeeper Has the Highest Adoption Rates in the Industry

Beekeeper’s operational communications platform has an average adoption rate of 90%. That’s six times higher than the industry average of only 15%. Here’s why Beekeeper customers are so successful.

1) Comprehensive Onboarding Support

For companies who are eager to jump start their employee engagement program, we offer Premium Onboarding Support and the option to include an implementation workshop. In these workshops, our Customer Success Team will work with your team on-site to get them up and running with the Beekeeper app and answer any questions they might have.

For our self-service customers, we offer resources galore to ensure your roll out is just as smooth. In addition to this comprehensive onboarding packet, self-service customers also have unlimited access to our Beekeeper academy, Help Center, and access to customer support should they have any questions!

Beekeeper Rollout

2) Internal Communications Consultation

Our fearless Customer Success Team is really more like an army of experienced, knowledgeable internal communications consultants. For customers with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, they have a partner who will help them plan, execute, and optimize the best possible internal communications strategy for their team.

Your CSM has templates, plans, checklists, and years of experience helping businesses just like yours improve their daily operations and boost employee engagement.

3) Custom Quarterly Business Reviews

After onboarding, what’s next? Once your hotel team is up and running with Beekeeper, we’ll help you measure your team’s engagement and set business goals during regular QBR sessions. During our customers’ QBRs, we review the highlights of the quarter, celebrate wins, and identify opportunities for growth.

Our Customer Success Managers are a talented team of product, strategy, and technical experts ready to guide you through the process of launching an internal communication strategy that will revolutionize the employee experience for your team.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear real hotel employees explain why they love using Beekeeper!

Download our complete Beekeeper Onboarding Packet for Hotels to kickstart your digital workplace initiative and start seeing results.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do you roll out a communications plan?

Convincing the Beekeeper non-believer: Our Customer Success Team is highly experienced at converting a Beekeeper non-believer. Once they see what it’s like to work a shift with Beekeeper in their back pocket, they’ll never want to go back.

Why does Beekeeper have the highest adoption rates in the industry?

1) Comprehensive Onboarding Support
2) Internal Communications Consultation
3) Custom Quarterly Business Reviews