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Best Ways to Align Hotel Operations Across Hospitality Teams

Creating an internal communications culture for a management company or a hotelier with multiple properties can be hard because of multiple locations and brands with their own identities. The same is true for managing hotel operations across a diversified portfolio. It can be tough to know how to blend these various cultures and brand identities on the local level while ensuring organization-wide alignment.

How can hospitality property managers bridge the multi-location cultural divide, and ensure smooth hotel operations?

Look for a mobile solution that merges unified communications with operational functionality. This ensures you don’t have to sacrifice on efficiency and brand promise while centralizing communication, news, guest service information, or HR processes. We’ll break down how to go mobile with your hotel operations.

A Simplified Mobile Solution

In the hospitality world, people are the biggest asset, both in terms of guests and employees. Without adequate channels, communicating even the smallest detail can quickly become a tedious task. Take open benefits enrollment periods, for example. For hotel employees that don’t have email address (which in our industry is typically 80%), operations management might have to chase down those who don’t read bulletin board notices to make sure they are enrolled with their benefits before the deadline.

Beekeeper helps alleviate this pain point by digitizing the benefits processes and providing real-time targeted communication to hotel team members without email addresses. The Beekeeper app is simply downloaded and on-boarding is done with a QR code.

Unified Communication Streams Connect Frontline Workers

Trying to access and find info in a company intranet in an expedient manner is next to impossible. Providing a centralized digital environment that encourages best practices, real-time communications, and with fast access to the documents you need most is an excellent way to create a unified operational communication strategy.

With unified communication streams, you can deliver the information each property needs in real-time. Hotel team members can check their property’s stream for the latest on available rooms, view VIP guest updates, and to see if any maintenance reports have been submitted. Other use cases are:

  1. For housekeeping teams working on the frontlines, submit photos of cleaned rooms to notify the front desk that they are ready for guests.
  2. Post an inspiring story about a colleague who went above and beyond for a guest, or start a poll for employees to nominate someone on the team for a guest service award.
  3. Create a digital Shark Tank-type of competition focused on innovation and inspiring all team members to participate.

Best of all, employees can toggle between communication streams to keep up with the activities of other properties. Perhaps a guest needs to stay an extra night, but there’s no vacancy at the current property. Sending a secure chat message or posting in a stream about available rooms in another location ensures that guest is taken care of faster.

With transparent but segmented communication, everyone can stay up-to-date on what’s going on at their hotel and throughout the entire management company.

“After rolling out Beekeeper, we noticed an immediate change in our internal communications. It was incredible to see all of the personalities that came alive on Beekeeper. Giving our employees a platform allowing them to have a voice has transformed our organization.” –David Montero, Director of Operations, RHW

Hotel Operations Tools at Your Fingertips

Line level employees only need access to a few key documents and tools in their daily work. Our navigation extensions can allow for relevant materials and systems that each employee group needs to be surfaced just to them, such as equipment handling policies or shift schedules, and pay check stubs.

Submit expenses, ask HR a question, review a training calendar, or confirm a new policy has been read – it’s all possible through Beekeeper. Segment out info and limit access to reduce info noise and deluge of info to non mission-critical teams. Food and beverage won’t need access to a room amenity list, but you can tailor the online resources stored in your team app to ensure the front desk does.

Want to learn more about how hospitality tech platforms can align your hotel operations? Watch the replay of our webinar on improving the hotel employee experience to drive guest satisfaction.