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3 Most Common Internal Communication Challenges to Address This Summer

Employee communication isn’t static. There are times when you should re-evaluate how effective your internal communication strategy is, and summer is one of those times. With many employees out for vacation – sometimes mentally as well as physically – you may need to change your internal communication practices.

1. Employees Work During Vacation

Many employees take work with them on vacation now. According to Forbes, more than half of all employees work on vacation. Even if they aren’t officially on the clock, the reality is today’s digitally connected workers are checking and responding to work messages. Making mobile communication available and easy for them will help your employees stay in the loop, even while they’re pushing their kid in a stroller at Disney World. If your company hasn’t investigated quality mobile communication, this summer is the time to do it.

2. Boost Employee Engagement with Internal Communication

Summer offers the chance for additional engagement – and sometimes more fun engagement! Because summer tends to offer more flexibility, you can offer unique engagement opportunities to your employees. Maybe a company softball team would help employees engage with each other out of the office. Or offer “lunch and learns” which get employees interacting with each other while learning more about the company itself as well as other departments. If budget is a concern, departmental potlucks are a great way to boost engagement without spending anything.

3. Employees Reflect on Their Careers

Summer is a unique time for everyone. For kids, it’s that little break before they move onto the next grade. For employees, it’s often a time to reflect on their careers. They begin to think about the work they’re doing, the work they’ve done, and how they feel about their colleagues and managers. If your employees are engaged and invested in your company, the summer can be a time to prepare for new goals and challenges. If not, the summer offers more distractions than the winter months, leaving the possibility they lose focus, or even begin thinking about other opportunities. Employee turnover is costly and disruptive to the workplace, so it’s crucial to keep employees engaged throughout the summer.

Don’t let employee communication slide during summer, even though you may be tempted to. Instead, take the time to reevaluate your communication strategies and ensure your employees feel empowered to work from the road if they’d like, engaged in the company, and happy with their experience and their career.

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