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From Paper to Pixels: Driving Digital Transformation for Frontline Teams

Workforce Management Software for Utilities & Energy Industry

Communicate and connect with your energy and utility workforce. Enable rapid problem solving on the go. Give field teams access to the tools and information they need. Anytime, anywhere.

Make Every Job Safer

Reduce safety costs by up to $40,000 by making information accessible to everyone and giving frontline managers more time to train their teams.

Reduce workplace accidents with easy access to the latest health and safety documents and training videos

Ensure safety information is understood with instant inline translation in 100+ languages

Request read receipt confirmation and follow up with staff who haven’t confirmed

Streamline Field Operations

On average, workers waste 8% of their working time per week looking for information. That’s $800k wasted every month in lost productivity for a 1,000 person company.

Digitize slow internal processes with mobile checklists and safety forms

Standardize field protocols with accessible information on demand

Boost efficiency and speed with rapid issue management, transparent communication, and workflow automation

Prepare for the Unpredictable

In an industry where the environment is constantly changing and no two jobs are alike, arm your field teams with access to mission-critical information to help them get the job done safely, and on-time.

Roll out new procedures faster with video training and quizzes

Provide instant access to resources like safety hotlines or fuel cards

Offer mobile access to COVID-19 resources, FAQs, and HR policies

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Other Benefits Your Energy & Utility Team Will Love

Build Company Culture

Beekeeper lets your field employees, seasonal workers, and office teams communicate and connect across job sites, locations, and languages.

Save Field Managers’ Time

Field managers can spend up to 60% of their time coordinating between the frontline and head office. Enable fast, two-way communication between admins, team leads, and employees.

Get Real-Time Analytics

Get up-to-the-minute data on who is reading your posts, message delivery confirmation, and employee engagement statistics.

Shift Coordination

Reduce absenteeism by centralizing all schedule communication. Post shift schedules in the app. Send automatic push notifications when new shifts are added or changes are made.

Make Your Employee App Work for You

HRIS User Sync Apps

Automatically sync users from your HRIS platform and save your admins at least one hour each day.

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Single Sign-On

SAML or JWT-based single sign-on allows users to seamlessly access 3rd party apps from Beekeeper.

UKG Integration

Integrate with UKG Scheduling suite to automate shift communication.

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