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The HR Leader's Guide to Surviving Open Enrollment

How to help your team pick their benefits plan — and live to tell the tale.

When it comes to selecting a benefits plan, employees are historically bad at picking plans that will actually benefit them. In fact, more than 80% of employees spend less than an hour sussing out their benefit options and more than half of employees estimate that they are wasting up to $750 a year because of sub-optimal benefit choices.

So how can you make sure that your team is informed, empowered, and motivated to do their homework and pick a health insurance plan that’s right for them?

If Open Enrollment season feels like a never ending battle between your HR department and the employees, then our HR Leader’s Guide to Surviving Open Enrollment is exactly what you need.

We’ve created the ultimate Open Enrollment survival checklist to help HR leaders fortify their plan of attack each year, and emerge from Open Enrollment season unscathed.

Our HR Leader’s Guide to Surviving Open Enrollment will help your team:

  • Craft a bullet-proof internal communications strategy to relay important dates, deadlines, and plan information to employees
  • Revise your Summary Plan Description (SPD) so employees actually read it
  • Leverage the latest workforce technology to communicate with the entire company at the click of a button.

“With Beekeeper, we can reach every single employee and measure the success of our internal communications. We are now able to send critical information to the right target groups at the right time and no longer need to use bulletin boards.”

René Merkli, Head Corporate Communications, STOBAG AG