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Frontline Hero
Awards 2023

Submissions are now open! Nominate
your Frontline Hero, today.

Nominate Your Frontline Hero Today

Frontline employees are at the center of our mission to close the disconnect. Last year we launched the Frontline Hero Awards as a way to recognize the people on your team who go above and beyond. We were touched by the stories you shared, and we were inspired by the hard work and dedication of your team.

We’re doing it again this year. Do you have a colleague who does a remarkable job? Someone who supports their teammates without hesitation? Who has made a strong impact on your business and your community?

Winners will receive $500 and be recognized at our Frontline Success Summit in Nashville on October 18.

How it works

Step 1:

Nominate a Frontline Hero from your team by completing the short form below with 2-5 sentences why they are your Frontline Hero. Nominations will be accepted through August 19th.

Step 2:

We will reach out to all nominees and ask them to share their own story with us by the end of August. We encourage nominees to be creative (with a video, pictures, poem… there are no limits!)

Check out last year’s Frontline Hero Award Ceremony featuring some of the frontline heroes that were celebrated!

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