Explore the Digital Workplace for Frontline Teams

Features for productivity, community and smooth operations

Secure Team Messaging

Work better together with instant messaging. Faster access to your field employees can make them safer, more responsive, and better trained. 

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Instant team communication

Send 1:1 or group messages without exchanging emails or phone numbers

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Centralize and distribute files

Easily store and share documents, links, and pictures

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Increase workforce productivity

Improve communication and shorten response times

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Unified Communication Streams

Streams are predefined communication channels where colleagues can share information and engage with specific teams or the entire organization.

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Distribute company news

Share updates and protocols with searchable labels for categorization

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Customize user access

Customize content access and delegate moderation rights

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Motivate employees

Foster recognition by celebrating achievements and tagging team members

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Analytics Dashboard

Employee engagement results you can actually measure. Get insights into how your teams are using their employee app.


Get the realtime insights you need

The powerful yet intuitive analytics dashboard provides 24/7 metrics on employee engagement. Track user activity, analyse survey results, and measure overall user stickiness from one central dashboard.


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Confirmation Campaigns

Confirm receipt of important messages with an audit-ready campaign tool.

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Ensure vital updates are received: From policy changes to severe weather alerts. Campaigns keep everyone on the same page.



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Employee Surveys Made Simple

Keep the pulse of your frontline workforce with fast, intuitive chat surveys

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Create and send in a few easy steps

Produce, distribute, and collect employee feedback from company-wide surveys in just a few clicks with real-time, interactive employee survey chatbots.

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Gain valuable insights in mere minutes

Users receive customized instructions  once added to the platform

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Push the limits of productivity

Set up tailored workflows to optimize new hire training

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Automated Recognition

Send personalized recognition and onboarding messages based on in-app triggers.
You can also extend your workflows beyond Beekeeper using Zapier.

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Inline Translation

Make content accessible to everyone, reduce miscommunication, increase engagement and retention, and minimize translation costs with instant translation for any post or comment.


Information sharing

Bust through language barriers with inclusive communication

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Inclusive environment

Make content accessible to every employee in their preferred language


Improve safety

Prevent mistakes and safety hazards due to miscommunication

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Do more with less

The Beekeeper Marketplace is full of extra features such as inline translations and out-of-the-box integrations with your workforce management systems so you have all your tools in one place. 

Explore the Marketplace

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Easy Onboarding to Connect Your Team

Onboard employees with a mobile device in less than a minute. Get your teams up and running hassle-free with the information they need and without an email address.

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Passwordless login

QR codes onboard your workforce with ease

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Generate personalized invitations

Users receive customized instructions  once added to the platform


Onboarding workflows

Set up tailored workflows to optimize new hire training

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Local Engagement with Global Scale

Scale Beekeeper for your enterprise with Locations. Delegate management and engagement tasks to local managers while maintaining excellent oversight of your entire organization.

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Flexible Structure

Create multi-layered Locations to replicate your organization

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Global oversight

Compare and impact each Location’s performance from the Global Dashboard

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Relevant local content

Manage content and operations locally to increase engagement and relieve centralized overhead

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Display Content with Digital Signage

Select and share content across multiple devices

Quickly create and display selected content or specific communication streams on digital signage anywhere. Import content from streams to slideshows and highlight the latest posts internally in high-traffic areas such as lunch or break rooms.


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