Beekeeper Product Overview

The Beekeeper team communication platform empowers employee connection, facilitates workplace engagement, and increases productivity through unified communications. Beekeeper streamlines operations and enables mobile collaboration with HR tools such as secure messaging and shift management.


One Employee App for Your Workforce

An Employee App That Integrates With Existing Digital Workforce Solutions

Simplify operations by integrating existing enterprise systems in one intuitive employee app interface. Connect 750+ cloud applications with the plug-and-play connectors found in the Beekeeper Marketplace.

Fast Track Digitization With Our Open API Business Communication App

Beekeeper’s open API gives IT teams the ability to create custom connectors and integrations, saving time and resources compared to building proprietary systems.

Your Secure and Certified Workforce Solution

Ensure your data and privacy are always protected with best-in-class 256-bit TLS encryption, advanced firewall protection, regular external security audits, and ISO 27001 certified data centers.
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Engage Your Entire Workforce

Real-Time Two-Way Communication

Boost productivity and streamline internal communications with one-to-one and group messaging for everyone. Get faster responses, share files, and automate HR processes such as onboarding.

Organizational Alignment

Establish team-dedicated communication streams to distribute consistent content to every department and create automated workflows.

Increase Employee Productivity, Reduce Workforce Costs

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Simplify People Operations

Link to your HRM systems or Active Directory to store employee data in one place. Manage secure single sign-on, user synchronization, payroll, shift swapping, and every stage of the employee life cycle.

Capitalize On Big Data

Make better data-driven decisions to optimize processes to realize crucial time and cost savings with the comprehensive Analytics Dashboard.

Reach every single employee with a customized business communication app

Reach all employees, especially those without corporate email addresses, via mobile, desktop, or digital signage with HR tools such as confirmation campaigns to ensure critical information is received.

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Drive Employee Engagement and Build a Strong Workforce Culture

Build Employee Connection

Create a sense of belonging by sharing experiences and interacting across different shifts, departments, or locations using team-dedicated communication streams. Connect everyone with live company updates and best practices.

Gain valuable insights in mere minutes

Quickly gather critical feedback from one or all departments to achieve organizational alignment, streamline operations, increase employee engagement, and improve company culture.

See What Beekeeper Customers Are Saying

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Beekeeper saves us time and money in so many ways. First of all, the fact that it’s clouded, just sending headshots, photos, even a pretty sunset from our rooftop would just weigh down our server. And then also your inbox is smaller. If my inbox is 200, it’s like a 100 with Beekeeper.

Jeff David, Managing Director, The Watergate Hotel

"Beekeeper is the perfect solution to achieve open communication in a hierarchical company. We would have needed 3 years to get as close to our employees and communicate as personally as we did in just a few months with Beekeeper."

Tom Winter, VP Sales, Globus

“Beekeeper has created a community where people want to give extra effort and go above and beyond. Employee engagement has definitely enhanced at this property and we would have seen much higher turnover if it weren’t for this tool.”

Jason Brown, Director of People Operations, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
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“It became really evident how functional Beekeeper could be for operations for us. It helped us become more efficient, go quicker to market with information, and has connected our teams in ways they have never been linked before."

David Montero, Director of Operations, RHW Management
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"Thanks to Beekeeper, we have been able to connect all of our employees, giving them direct access to information and the ability to talk to each other. We've also been able to give our frontline employees a voice in the company."

Sarah Cousin, Head of Internal Communication, Group Human Resources, Chalhoub Group
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"Beekeeper has helped us connect, inform, and recognize all of our employees."

Beth Holz, Communications Specialist, Seaboard Foods

Your Fully Customizable and Branded Workforce App

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