White Paper: Control Mobile Communication

How to Give Employees a Voice and Control Mobile Communication with a Code of Conduct


Employers worry that mobile usage will cause security risks or decrease productivity, but the risks of keeping your employees quiet outweigh the rewards. For example, employees who feel they do not have a voice are less likely to report unethical behavior when they see it. Instead of restricting mobile communication, you can regulate it with a well-crafted Code of Conduct and give everyone a voice.

This white paper will teach you how to:

  • Establish a Code of Conduct

  • Utilize secure mobile communication

  • Elevate corporate culture

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"After rolling out Beekeeper, we noticed an immediate change in our internal communications. It was incredible to see all of the personalities that came alive on Beekeeper that we didn’t realize had existed before. Giving our employees a platform allowing them to have a voice has transformed our organization."

David Montero, Director of Operations, RHW Management