Connect dispersed workforces through one centralized operational and communication hub. Share route updates and technical errors, efficiently communicate instructions to all or part of your mobile staff, and notify them of changes in official procedures.
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"Beekeeper simplifies how we exchange information and has improved our company culture. Employees don’t need to walk to a bulletin board anymore. They have it in their pocket."

Michael Gerber, Head of Communication and Knowledge, Globus



Streams are predefined communication channels where colleagues can share information and engage with specific teams or the entire organization.

Distribute News

Distribute company news, updates, and protocols

Customize user access

Customize user access and roles

Motivate employees

Motivate employees and celebrate achievements


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"In our company, only a third of all employees have access to a computer and have a corporate email address, but everyone has a smartphone. Thanks to Beekeeper, we are able to reach everyone online. Information is communicated in real time, both bottom-up and top-down."

Reto Moser, Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Executive Board, Specialist in Controlling, Zaugg


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