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Beekeeper Tech Talk: How to Create the Ultimate Digital Workplace

What’s on the horizon for the Beekeeper product roadmap? Join us for the first Beekeeper product webinar, Beekeeper Tech Talk, on March 22, 2018 10am CET (German), 11:30am EST (English). In this webinar, learn how you can create the ultimate digital workplace for your workforce with Beekeeper, and provide frontline employees with easy access to all the systems they need in one secure team communication app.

We’ll share some of the latest Beekeeper app integrations like our chatbot SDK and our integrations SDK and how Beekeeper customers can build on these digital workforce integrations to dramatically improve internal communications and increase productivity using your custom Beekeeper employee app.

Beekeeper Unveils Chatbot SDK and Integrations SDK

There are a multitude of operational applications for the upcoming Beekeeper chatbot SDK and integrations SDK. We’ll walk through how our SDK technology enables you to easily connect your Beekeeper employee app with other digital workplace apps to streamline daily tasks.

From enhancing internal communications across HR, management, and frontline employee teams to facilitating and measuring frontline employee engagement, chatbots can be programmed to initiate many of the most common HR-specific and shift management tasks. For example, chabots can send out employee surveys to collect frontline employee feedback on the next team outing, or to find a time that works best for an upcoming training.

Chabot Use Cases: Implementing Chatbots With Your Employee App

In the webinar, we’ll also present use cases for your chatbot SDK and integration SDK that could be incorporated into your existing Beekeeper team communication app workflows. As an external developer, the Beekeeper chatbot SDK enables you to build two-way chatbots into the messaging capabilities. Most important, these plug-and-play integrations easily connect with your existing digital workforce tools.

Potential chabot use cases we’ll cover include:

  • Employee engagement through chatbot gamification
  • Training and refresher quizzes about company policies and safety guidelines
  • Shift management (clock-in and clock-out, PTO requests, shift swaps)
  • Task assignment and follow-up
Beekeeper chatbot use case
Beekeeper chatbot use case

Beekeeper Integrations Roadmap and Upcoming Marketplace Apps

Discover how Beekeeper integrates with the workplace apps and digital workflows you utilize daily in the Beekeeper Marketplace, and learn about upcoming Beekeeper integrations with SAP SuccessFactors and ADP. For example, with the ADP integration, companies can automatically synchronize ADP and Beekeeper employee information, and manage it all directly within the Beekeeper employee app.

The Beekeeper Marketplace is also the place to request custom app integrations for your digital workplace.

Q&A Session: How is Beekeeper Providing Digital Workplace Solutions For Your Workforce?

Most of all, we want to hear from you on how integrating Beekeeper with your existing digital workplace tools is going. We’re also excited to learn what app integrations you’re looking for so we can maximize your success in utilizing the Beekeeper team communication app to its full, highly-collaborative potential.

Creating the ultimate digital workplace starts with unified communications across your entire workforce. Learn more about how Beekeeper’s digital workplace app can support this process and put your team on the path to better team communications, employee engagement, and productivity!

Access a replay of the Beekeeper Tech Talk.