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Beekeeper Inner Hive Forum — What’s the Future of the Digital Workplace?

We recently wrapped up our first ever Inner Hive forum! The forum took place in Zurich, and was an impressive gathering of Beekeeper customers, partners, and digital workplace thought leaders. The forum was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, so we thought we’d share a little snippet of the highlights for you here on the Beekeeper Blog!

What Is This Inner Hive You Speak Of?

The Inner Hive is like Beekeeper’s VIP club. It’s a community of customers, partners, and digital workplace aficionado who get together and share knowledge, best practices, and find out about exciting new product features before anyone else (one of the many perks of being an official Inner Hive member).

Another major benefit of joining our Inner Hive is that you have access to exclusive, invite-only forums like the one we just hosted in Zurich.

Here’s a brief overview of what was covered at this Inner Hive forum.

  • Keynote: An in-depth product outlook with David Nydegger, VP Product Management at Beekeeper
  • Speaker: Best Beekeeper practices with Cornelia Obrist, Head of HR Group &
  • Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Casinos
    Breakout sessions
  • Speaker: The Future of the Digital Workplace with Joël-Luc Cachelin, digital thought leader
  • Networking!

Product Outlook Highlights

To kick off Beekeeper’s very first mini-conference in style, David Nydegger, VP Product Management presented a keynote that gave attendees an overview of where Beekeeper has been, and a sneak peek at where we’re headed. 

What’s Next for Beekeeper?

While we can’t give away everything that was covered at the forum, one topic that was discussed at length in this keynote was that Beekeeper is significantly expanding its functionality for customers by building several operational features that we’ll be rolling out soon.

We’ve already talked about some of these new operational features on the blog, like Shift Schedules and Documents (and if you haven’t read about these new features yet, please take a moment to check them out. Go on. We’ll wait).

While these new operational features like Shift Schedules and Documents are already being beta tested by a handful of customers, David also revealed some exciting new projects further on down the road that got attendees buzzing with excitement.

Here are just a few:

  • Voice messaging in chats
  • Enhancements to our chat feature
  • More targeted segmenting in Campaigns and Surveys
  • And much more!

Predictions on the Future of the Workplace with Digital Thought Leader, Joël-Luc Cachelin — Will Job Titles Become Obsolete?

One of the most memorable highlights from our Inner Hive forum was from speaker and thought leader, Joël-Luc Cachelin who talked about the future of the workplace digitization. He discussed trends, new apps, and made the groundbreaking prediction that future workplaces could do away with job titles completely.

That’s right. We’ve talked about how using an operational communication platform like Beekeeper can break down silos and create a more collaborative work environment, but this prediction takes it to the next level.

Cachelin proposed that as the digital workplace become more and more ubiquitous, future workplaces will move towards a more project-based workflow as opposed to role-based. He even outlined a possible scenario where employees would choose which projects they worked on in a Tinder-esque app where they swipe through potential projects and “match” when they find something they’re jazzed working on.

While the modern workplace may still be a few years away from throwing job titles out the window and letting employees swipe their way through their day, these types of predictions are certainly exciting to ponder.

Some forward-thinking schools have already adopted project-based learning models over subject-based learning and have seen outstanding results in student achievement. So maybe project-based work isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds!

Referral Contest!

We asked our Inner Hive Community to come together and help us come one step closer to realizing our vision of connecting the world’s two billion frontline employees. We asked them to help us spread the word to their colleagues and friends about how Beekeeper has helped them engage with their frontline employees.

As a special thank you, and to celebrate our new operational features that help teams work together “like clockwork” we gave away one Samsung Smartwatch to CEO Alexander Reinhard!

He had this to say in response,

“The digitization of the workforce has also arrived in the baking industry. With Beekeeper we have successfully been able to digitize all of our internal communications. Only 6 of our employees have a company email, but 99% own a smartphone. With Beekeeper we can now reach around 70% of our workforce! We have been extremely satisfied with the results thus far, and I say confidently that I recommend Beekeeper as an operational communications platform.

Interview with winner: Alexander Reinhard, CEO of the Bakery Reinhard AG

Why is digitization important in your industry?

Digitization has also not stopped at the bakery / confectionery / café sector. Over the last 10 years, there has been an incredible technology boost that is far from over.

We utilize workplace digitization in all areas of our business: warehousing, production, logistics, sales and marketing processes. And, of course, also in administration. We have been able to achieve digitalization of our internal communications with the help of Beekeeper.

What has led you to recommend Beekeeper to your network?

Our overall satisfaction with the tool. In our company, we employ around 170 people across 10 departments and 7 locations. Only 6 of our employees have their own company email and a dedicated workstation — but 99% of employees have a smartphone!

Connecting with our employees has been a challenge in the past. We relied heavily on bulletin boards in all departments. Since implementing Beekeeper, we reach about 70% of all our employees.

In addition to the employee engagement benefits we’ve seen with Beekeeper, networking with other companies in our industry is very important. If someone discovers a new platform or service they like, then they will likely recommend it to the rest of their network.

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