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Invest in Employee Experience to Overcome Retention Hurdles

Hotels are some of the most resilient operators in the hospitality space. However, there remains a problematic gap between where hotels are now when it comes to streamlined operations and improving employee retention, and where they could be.

What makes the most substantial difference between a hotel that merely survives and one that thrives? A hotel’s employees are the heart of a hotelier’s business, and their employee experience is a crucial factor in any hotel’s success.

The number one issue facing hotels today? Adequate internal communication and optimal task management. Designed to answer the hospitality industry’s most pressing questions, Beekeeper’s Global Head of Hospitality, Connie Rheams, teamed up with ALICE Co-Founder and President Alexander Shashou, to present a 30-minute webinar to address how the right technology can:

  • Make your hotel workforce’s jobs easier with improved daily task management and operational communication
  • Ensure a more fulfilling employee experience
  • Remove any communication barriers and department silos to provide exceptional guest service

Identify The Problem: Guest Service Scores

Current research data shows that hotel guests aren’t happy, with hospitality scores ranking below other consumer experiences, and banking and even gas stations outscoring hotel guest satisfaction.

When it comes to online reviews, the numbers reinforce this alarming trend: the top guest issue revealed is service and staff, ranking highest at 56%, according to Revenue Strategy Summit. While there has been significant innovation in technology in the booking space, and on the guest-facing side, arming hotel employees with digital channels to communicate and improve their work leaves much to be desired.

Luckily, guest experience is the number one thing hoteliers have control over and can change.

“Employees are the heart of the hospitality business, and employee engagement is crucial for it to thrive. By digitally removing any and all communication barriers, hotel staff can enhance employee experience to provide an exceptional guest experience.” –Connie Rheams, Global Head of Hospitality, Beekeeper

Happy Employees Equals Happy Customers

Better guest service always starts with your staff. One of the most successful companies in the travel industry is Southwest Airlines. They have been named the best to work for and have dominated guest satisfaction scores.

This leads us to a primary issue impacting hotels: employee turnover. According to Deloitte, current turnover rates at hotels clock in at 31%. As Rheams pointed out in the webinar, this translates to 1 in 3 of a hotelier’s current employees that won’t be around next year. Labor is by far the highest line item at a hotel when it comes to costs. It costs upwards of $4,000 to train, hire, and uniform an employee. With unemployment rates at historical lows, employee retention is an area of the hotel business hoteliers cannot afford to ignore.

One of the main reasons hotel employees leave is due to lack of alignment. This is unsurprising, as there are many departments within a hotel’s operations matrix being run on different systems. How do you get alignment with a 24/7 workforce and ensure every shift receives the same information in a timely manner?

Rheams spoke of the opportunity in changing the culture of a hotel. This will get results that boost employee engagement and improve guest service. From concierge to housekeeping, in order to avoid departmental silos, there needs to be a better way to connect your various communication hubs. Your staff is so busy trying to communicate with each other that their attention is compromised––which leaves your guests neglected.

Digital Tools Solve Hotel Communication Gaps

The bottom line and main takeaway from this partner webinar is that to best communicate and operate with high efficiency, your hotel teams need:

  1. Real-time, easy-to-use, and hotel-wide team communication tools
  2. Digital task management that empowers quick prioritization and escalation

Shashou and Rheams explained how Beekeeper and ALICE work in tandem to best connect non-desk staff and action hotel operations. With these core functions accounted for, hotels can form an adequate foundation from which to innovate––pushing the employee and guest experience even further.

To hear the Q&A, and to watch the complete employee experience webinar replay, complete the form below for more eye-opening insights into how technology can improve operations and help retain your hotel workforce.