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From Paper to Pixels: Driving Digital Transformation for Frontline Teams
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Beekeeper Welcomes Energize Ventures to Our Circle of Investors!

You may remember our blog post announcing our Series B funding round. Well we’re interrupting our regularly scheduled blog content to bring you this exciting announcement: the addition of Energize Ventures to the round!

Who Is Energize?

Energize Ventures is an exciting VC firm that invests in digital solutions that drive affordability, reliability, and security for energy and industry. VC Partner Juan Muldoon is assuming an advisor position to help accelerate our growth in manufacturing, construction, energy and other critical infrastructure verticals.

Beekeeper has already proven value and market fit in the retail and hospitality segments with tremendous momentum and blue-chip client relationships. We believe the company is well-positioned to be the collaboration platform of choice for industrial workers – from power plants and field crews to the manufacturing floor – and we’re committed to partnering with their team to get there.

-Juan Muldoon, Partner at Energize Ventures

Beekeeper’s Expanding Influence in the Industrial Space

In the past few years, Beekeeper has been expanding our footprint in the energy and industrial industry. With successful customers like Sky Climber Renewables, Dentsply Sirona, Stobag, and Holcim, we’re optimistic about growing our influence and connecting more industrial workers than ever before.

Want to learn more? You can download our Sky Climber Renewables Case Study here.

Most companies, even large construction businesses, still have an opportunity to see employees on a relatively frequent basis. Our field technicians work at project sites all over the country, and getting in front of them is very difficult. In-person meetings are not realistic time-wise and cost-prohibitive. Beekeeper provides an alternative method of reaching and engaging them.

-Chad DiFranco, VP of Sales & Business Development, Sky Climber Renewables

A SaaS Solution for the Frontlines (Finally)

Frontline workers represent 80% of the global workforce, yet only 1% of enterprise software funding is directed towards them. That’s why we were determined to create one of the only digital workplace solutions built specifically for frontline workers — from day one.

Because this “deskless” worker population has been largely ignored by companies offering workplace software solutions, many of these workers are forced to turn to unsafe, non-compliant communication channels just to convey the information they need to their peers. According to a white paper from Google,

If not given company-approved cloud tools, frontline workers may risk company and data security and regulatory compliance to use their own. 53% of frontline workers use messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger up to six times a day for work-related reasons, but 68% of them said they’d stop if given approved internal communication tools.

Moral of the story — frontline workers need to communicate with each other on a regular basis, but there are few solutions that offer them a secure, compliant way to talk shop on their mobile phones. Beekeeper makes it incredibly easy to connect and engage with field employees — especially in more industrial industries where employees tend to work out in field instead of behind a desk.

That’s why having Energize Ventures onboard as our newest investor is very exciting. We’re looking forward to working closely with the team at Energize.

Energize Ventures will be a strong strategic partner for us as we continue to gain market share within the manufacturing and industrial space. As the digitization of the employee experience continues to gain global momentum, more and more companies are searching for innovative ways to connect with their frontline teams.

We look forward to working closely with the leadership at Energize Ventures to expand Beekeeper’s reach and continue our mission to connect the unconnected.

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