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Mobile Technology Transforms Sky Climber Renewables Operations

A division of Sky Climber, a 60-year-old company that specializes in delivering suspended access product and services solutions to work-at-height industries around the world, Sky Climber Renewables entered the renewable energy market in 2007. Sky Climber Renewables also develops safe and efficient solutions for wind turbine repair and maintenance.

With a 350-person team headquartered in Delaware, OH and multiple locations in U.S. and Canada, Sky Climber Renewables completes over 360 projects each year. The company needed mobile technology in the form of a team communication app to connect their highly-distributed workforce. 90% of field employees travel to customer sites for wind turbine and related maintenance.

In addition to safety reminders, facilitating better internal communications from management to field technicians was the company’s number one goal when assessing operations management tools.

Sky Climber Tower Solutions: Digital Operations Management Tools for Field Employees

Working 300 feet above ground on wind turbines across the U.S. and Canada, the safety of field employees is an absolute necessity and the top priority at Sky Climber tower solutions. The company needed a way to effectively communicate safety notices and information, as well as policy updates, with their dispersed field employees.

Other goals for implementation of a team communication app included:

  • Improved safety awareness with field employees working on customer wind turbines
  • Better operational efficiencies with real-time communication with the entire team
  • Incident prevention and mobile information sharing
  • Establish management-led best practices related to safety and maintenance

Team Communication App Centralizes New Employee and HR Documents

Dedicated communication streams in Beekeeper are the go-to resource for safety reminders, videos, and training content. Having this content mobile and accessible 24/7 is especially important for field employees who might need to reference a safety training video that demonstrates the proper way to install a safety harness before beginning work up-tower on wind turbines, for example.

From onboarding presentations, a new employee FAQ, and training resources to the company handbook, Sky Climber Renewables utilizes the More Apps navigation feature as a centralized digital hub for essential HR materials. PDF documents can be easily downloaded via Beekeeper on employee mobile devices or laptop computers.

Screenshot of Beekeeper team app navigation extensions.

Mobile Technology Improves Safety Logistics and Efficiency

Helpful notices on worksite conditions are now posted in Beekeeper. These posts cover essential incident prevention guidelines, such as the maximum outdoor temperature field employees can work in to avoid heat stroke, and reminders not to work if wind speeds exceed restrictions.

Field employees also use Beekeeper’s team communication app to report safety risks and maintenance-related tips in real time. Beekeeper’s mobile technology enables mobile daily reporting directly from the worksite.

“Our company excels at operational logistics. We have the knowledge and ability to be where our clients need us, when they need us. Integrating technology like Beekeeper into work processes up-tower, like mobile daily report forms, has helped make us even more efficient.” –Chad DiFranco, VP of Sales & Business Development

Download the complete Sky Climber Renewables case study to discover more ways to connect field employees with mobile operations management tools.