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Case Study: Sky Climber Renewables

"The Beekeeper app has shifted the mindset of our employees. It provides a better way to see and embrace our company vision and how operations are set up."

With a 350-person team headquartered in Delaware, OH and multiple locations in U.S. and Canada, Sky Climber Renewables completes over 360 projects that range from a few days to 9 months on an annual basis. Working at times 300 feet above ground on wind turbines, safety is an absolute necessity. The company needed a way to effectively communicate safety notices and information, as well as policy updates, with their dispersed workforce of field technicians.

Before Beekeeper, communications took place largely over email and conference calls. Project managers held Skype meetings, but carving up a manageable meeting roster for field technicians working at project sites in different time zones proved problematic. The company needed a better way to connect management and employees.

This case study provides examples of how better operational communications with a team app supports manufacturing workforces with:

  • Communication of management-led best practices related to safety and maintenance

  • Better operational efficiencies, incident prevention, and logistics management via real-time messaging with the entire team

  • The ability to conduct mobile daily reports from field technicians

“Most companies, even large construction businesses, still have an opportunity to see employees on a relatively frequent basis. Our field technicians work at project sites all over the country, and getting in front of them is very difficult. In-person meetings are not realistic time-wise and cost-prohibitive. Beekeeper provides an alternative method of reaching and engaging them.”

Chad DiFranco, VP of Sales & Business Development, Sky Climber Renewables