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Build a Better Employee Experience With This WorkJam Alternative

WorkJam is one of many digital workplaces designed to increase employee engagement for shift-based, frontline workers. While it has features to streamline shift scheduling, internal communication, and employee recognition, it’s worth considering whether a WorkJam alternative might have more to offer your business in these categories.

Your workforce deserves a mobile, employee app that meets the specific demands of working on the frontlines. Beekeeper offers a competitive advantage over many of WorkJam’s features and remains one of the best options for frontline employees on the market.

Options for a WorkJam Alternative

Before looking at what WorkJam does and doesn’t do for frontline employees, let’s break down what the employee experience means.

The employee experience is the overarching relationship an employee has with the company they’re working for. An engaged employee enjoys their work and actively seeks to bring value to their employer.

So how do you improve the employee experience? It starts with an internal communication platform that allows employees to connect with their team members and managers. This is especially important for frontline workers, who are often on the move and are more likely to feel disconnected from their employer. In fact, only 22% of non-desk employees feel like their job is important to their company’s vision.

The WorkJam app isn’t the only option for improving employee engagement. Here are some top-rated WorkJam alternatives to consider:

  1. WhenIWork is a free employee scheduling app that promises to save employers time on scheduling. It also claims to improve communication, eliminate excuses, boost accountability among your staff, track time and attendance, and help grow the business.
  2. Shyft empowers employees to swap their shifts, message team members, and manage schedules, all from their mobile device.
  3. Deputy bills itself as “the ultimate Shift Planning & Schedule Maker app providing you with an innovative Workforce Management solution.”
  4. Humanity is a scheduling platform that creates shift schedules for frontline workers using predictive, rule-based technology.
  5. Reflektive is a performance management platform that accelerates business growth through continuous improvement.

What’s the Best WorkJam App Alternative?

Beekeeper’s communication platform has allowed hundreds of companies to improve employee engagement for their frontline workforce. With Beekeeper, teams can streamline their communication, measure engagement, and use the analytics dashboard to make improvements that benefit employees.

Here’s why Beekeeper stands out among platforms like WorkJam:

Optimized for Fast Access to Relevant Info

Beekeeper dashboard as a WorkJam alternative

On average, a frontline worker wastes 3 hours each week searching for information.

This excessive amount of time spent searching for information negatively impacts productivity and creates disengaged and frustrated workers.

WorkJam can be seen by some as complicated to navigate, which makes it more likely that a frontline worker won’t find the information they need, or they won’t find it quickly enough. By contrast, Beekeeper prioritizes consistency and clarity of design.

On the Beekeeper Home screen, a frontline worker can easily see everything they need to work more efficiently. With shortcuts to the most relevant protocols, documents, and communication streams, they don’t have to waste time by digging deeper every time they open the app.

Inline Translations for Serving a Multilingual Workforce

If you want to build a truly multilingual workforce, Beekeeper is a better choice.

With Beekeeper, there’s no need to copy and paste individual messages from Google Translate. With automatic inline translation for all kinds of communication, companies can increase the response rates and allow teams to work together faster.

Communication Confirmation

Simply sending information out to frontline employees isn’t enough. How can you be sure they’ve received it? For time-sensitive updates, managers need to be sure that all employees are on the same page. 

With Beekeeper, managers can send out Communication Campaigns and then subsequently monitor analytics about who has opened and read them.

Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Systems

Beekeeper offers a robust Marketplace for integrations, connectors, and extensions that lets you combine the best of the best into one centralized platform. Beekeeper users can access all their workplace technology through one portal, so companies can build their own, customized employee experience for their teams.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Beekeeper has received numerous positive reviews from users, as well as recognition such as being named a leader in multiple categories by GetApp. With our team of frontline communication experts, Beekeeper listens to our users, and our team is constantly striving to improve the experience for the frontline workers who rely on the platform for access to the critical information they need each day.

Want to know more about what Beekeeper can do? Fill out the form below to request a demo with one of our communication experts.