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How To Tackle Hidden Operational Costs With A Mobile Collaboration Platform

ROI White Paper
Tackle Hidden Operational Costs With Beekeeper

Mobile collaboration platforms have officially earned their place as a digital workplace enhancement tool. How? 

Because they:

  • Transform workplace communication, particularly for frontline workers
  • Optimize employee engagement
  • Improve employee retention
  • Streamline operational process and save companies time and money

Looking for more examples of how productivity and collaboration apps for frontline workers can deliver superior ROI? Check out our latest white paper, “Digital Enablement Is the Next Frontier of Business Success,” here!

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples that reveal how businesses can take the results of their daily operations to the next level by investing in a mobile collaboration platform for frontline workers.

Save Time And Printing Costs With Mobile-Accessible Documentation

With digital documentation, companies can save time and increase efficiency by 90% by using a mobile productivity and collaboration app.

Here’s how one Beekeeper customer streamlined how their employees access company documents, improved their efficiency rate, and saved money.

how one Beekeeper customer improved their efficiency rate

Additionally, frontline employee apps can significantly reduce total printing costs. For example, Holcim, a large building materials and solutions provider in Switzerland and Italy, saved $50,000 on total printing costs by moving their employee magazine into their employee app.

Additionally, another Beekeeper customer saved $94,600 per 1,000 employees on printing and mailing costs alone. 

Check out the breakdown:

cutting costs with Beekeeper

Digitizing paper-based processes all but eliminate the cost of printing and mailing documents to employees. This can save businesses of all sizes hundreds of dollars per employee every year.

And, with instant access through a reliable, digital channel, companies no longer run the risk of pushing outdated information, decreasing productivity, or wasting time and resources.

Here are some other ways a productivity and collaboration platform can dramatically reduce the hidden costs associated with printing and mailing:

  1. News Feeds share company news to the right employees at the right time
  2. Instant Notifications ensure employees receive critical messages
  3. Mobile Document Library provides digital access to must-have workplace materials
  4. Digital Payslips make it easier for employees to access their pay information without relying on a paper printout
  5. Forms & Checklists are easier to keep up and reduce time on completing, managing, and organizing their paper-based alternative
  6. Surveys quickly capture employees’ opinions right on their mobile devices

Increase Frontline Engagement With Streamlined Operational Processes

Beekeeper's digital forms and task management

With an employee mobile, workplace processes are more streamlined, saving time and effort when it comes to internal operations. What’s more, efficient operational processes can actually boost employee engagement.

For instance, digitizing daily activities, like checklists and maintenance requests, will increase employee adoption and engagement on your mobile platform. This means employees receive the latest news and updates they need to be successful at work.

Take, for example, a New York hotel that had to quickly adapt its operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. To comply with the changing health and safety regulations, the hotel implemented a paper-based daily Health Check form that each employee completed before entering the building.

But this manual, paper-based process was time-consuming and frustrating for their team. But, once the hotel decided to streamline the process by digitizing the paper form on Beekeeper’s mobile platform, the business benefitted by:

  • Saving 66 working hours and $792 per day
  • Increasing employee engagement by 20%

We believe the single most impactful action most companies can take to improve their business operations is to digitize routine processes via a digital workplace platform. Are you ready to join the digital revolution and transform the employee experience at your organization?

Download our white paper for more ROI-driven use cases and customer stories!