[Sneak Peek] Delivering Digital Enablement ROI: True Stories From The Frontlines

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Beekeeper's guide to digital enablement for frontline workers

Everywhere you turn, there’s a new digital workplace solution that makes promising claims, like:

  • High returns!
  • Solid connections!
  • Huge cost savings!
  • Better team building!
  • Save time!

But, how do you know that a digital workplace will really deliver the ROI benefits they claim to? And how does Beekeeper deliver on our investment promises? We went straight to our customers to find out.

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Our newest eBook covers common, real-life examples of how frontline productivity and collaboration platforms, like Beekeeper, generate significant business value. And yes, we uncovered hard metrics like how one company saved $249,000 per 1,000 employees per month by giving employees easier access to information.

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Saving $770,000 Per 1,000 Employees On Safety Costs

saving on employee safety costs with Beekeeper

Workplace safety is vital. And, it’s also costly.

On average, workplace safety incidents cost $1,100 per employee per year. However, recent Gallup research shows employee engagement might be the golden ticket to reducing these cases. In fact, the research giant found that highly engaged organizations experience 70% fewer safety incidents at work.

“Regardless of industry or company size, all businesses need to do everything in their power to develop an engaged workforce that is committed to avoiding safety incidents. This means ensuring that employees are committed to quality work, believe in their company’s mission and purpose and are confident in expressing their opinions.” – Gallup

One way organizations are taking action to create healthier and safer environments is by adopting frontline productivity and collaboration platforms. Beekeeper customers are using in-app videos, surveys, and forms to:

  • Run workplace safety campaigns
  • Report near misses
  • Gather improvement suggestions directly from frontline employees
  • Give digital access to health and safety training

Getting ahead of employee safety costs can save time, resources, headaches, and money. Here’s how we ran the numbers:

Beekeeper's safety cost and engagement chart

Shrinking Employee Turnover 40% (and $960,000)

shrinking employee turnover with Beekeeper

Retaining talent is a critical part of keeping costs low for any business. And, it’s becoming even more essential to considering U.S. businesses lose a staggering $1 trillion a year on voluntary employee turnover.  

Losing an employee means losing a valued member of your team and their skills that have significant contributions to your organization. It also means unnecessary time and resources will be spent:

  • Creating or updating job descriptions
  • Reviewing applications
  • Recruiting and interviewing new candidates to fill the position
  • Onboarding and training the new employee when placed

In one of the cases we studied, employee turnover was costing the company $2.4 million per year. However, employee engagement and retainment transformed once the organization adopted its mobile productivity and collaboration platform.

Through the platform, the organization could:

  • Send pulse surveys to all team members right on their mobile device
  • Provide easy access to valuable HR and employee benefits information
  • Recognize employees on a broader scale

After being on the platform for two years, turnover was down by 40%, saving the company $960,000.

In the end, simply publishing content on a mobile intranet is not enough to drive high ROI. Businesses get their money’s worth when they shift to a digital workplace that has multiple operational uses.

While it may be hard to spend money on yet another solution, the long-term savings for a platform that is the best fit for your frontline employees will pay off in spades through cost reductions, efficiency gains, and a more engaged workforce.

Download our white paper for more examples of driving ROI with a productivity and collaboration platform!

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