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The Rise of the Frontline Worker: A Book That Reveals How to Turn Your Frontline Workforce Into Your Biggest Competitive Advantage

Frontline Trends Report

2021 has been a busy year for the bees here in our hive. First, we kicked off the new year by announcing Frontline Future, Beekeeper’s first-ever virtual summit dedicated to exploring what the future holds for frontline-majority industries. Then, we announced our acquisition of Lua, an operational workflow platform for frontline workers, reinforcing our commitment to providing a full-stack mobile platform that enables frontline teams to operate more efficiently, effectively, and safely.

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Now, I’m excited to announce the publication of my new book, “The Rise of the Frontline Worker.” As a former waiter, factory worker, and chemical engineer, I understand first-hand the needs of frontline workers, and how they are chronically underserved when it comes to being provided adequate workplace technology to excel in their jobs. 

Digital Enablement for the Frontlines: Why Now?

In 2020, the effects of COVID-19 brought about a global economic shakeup that impacted almost every industry and forced business leaders around the world to re-evaluate how they enable their workforces. 

In short, 2020 expedited the pressing need for digital transformation for frontline workforces and the expected recovery in 2021 has galvanized business leaders into taking action.

The urgent need to keep pace with rapidly changing updates brought on by a global pandemic coupled with efforts to safely reopen businesses has prompted organizations to fast-track their digitization efforts.

What’s more, as the international spotlight on the importance of our global frontline workforce grew brighter, the need to properly equip these mission-critical workers has become paramount.

Introducing “The Rise of the Frontline Worker”

Now available on Amazon, “The Rise of the Frontline Worker” explores the critical significance of the modern-day frontline workforce, and unpacks why these essential employees will play a crucial role in the global economic recovery process. In it, I examine the changes that frontline-majority industries have undergone as a result of COVID-19. 

This book offers business leaders a clear roadmap for how to improve their operations, along with examples and actionable advice designed to guide decision-makers in restructuring traditional approaches to efficiency, digital enablement, and employee engagement. 

“The Rise of the Frontline Worker” includes real-life case studies, examples, and insights to address key themes of digital enablement, including:

  • The (Re)Emergence of the Frontline Workforce: how recent global events have re-centered the front lines in workforce conversations
  • Defining Characteristics: What makes the frontline workforce unique and how to address the distinct needs of these mission-critical employees
  • Barriers to Change: What business leaders must overcome to implement organizational improvements and improve efficiency, safety, and engagement
  • The Future of a Connected Workforce: How companies can leverage technology and realize the benefits of a digitalized workforce

Frontline Workers: The Key to Our Economic Recovery

I truly believe that frontline employees are your company’s greatest asset. They drive the customer experience, serve as the public face of your brand, and possess institutional knowledge that can only be acquired from working directly on the frontlines of the business. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed an acute need to bridge this massive gap that often exists between frontline workers and the rest of the organization. 

With this book, I hope to showcase the importance of frontline workers in today’s global economy, and to arm business leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to digitally connect and empower their entire workforce.

As the world enters the late stages of the pandemic, companies in key frontline industries, such as retail and manufacturing, are realizing the need to become more agile and adaptable. “The Rise of the Frontline Worker” will help companies create a connected workforce that enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their frontline workers, and ultimately build an organization that is more cohesive, efficient, and successful. 

If 2020 saw the rise of the frontline worker, then 2021 is certainly the year of the frontline worker. Discover how to enable these essential employees and leverage your company’s biggest competitive advantage to come out on top in the race towards economic recovery. 

Visit Amazon to purchase a paperback version or download a digital copy of “The Rise of the Frontline Worker.” For more information about Beekeeper, go to beekeeper.io

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