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Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort│Using Beekeeper To Keep Employees Engaged

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how Mission Ridge uses Beekeeper

Digital engagement in the attractions industry is nothing new – especially when it comes to customer interaction. But there is still a clear need when it comes to digitally enabling frontline employees in the industry.

Frontline employees are the soul of any business. Yet, given the industry’s dynamic nature, it’s not always easy to communicate with them.

Let’s take a look at how Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort uses Beekeeper to stay resilient during challenging times by connecting, engaging, and empowering their employees. Watch the full webinar replay here.

Connecting and Engaging Frontline Employees

Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort operates on a landscape of 2,000 acres and employs up to 400 employees during its busy winter season. Before adopting Beekeeper in 2017, the organization struggled to meet the communication needs of its employees.

“Employees often feel out of the loop or like they’re not in the know. They don’t have the latest information, and they want to. There’s a desire to be able to answer guest questions and feel like they’re part of the team.”

– Josh Jorgensen, General Manager, Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort

The company knew it needed a mobile-first collaboration platform that would enable them to:

  • Communicate with team members in real-time
  • Align everyone on the company’s mission and purpose
  • Empower employees with essential information to help guests
  • Engage workers through an easy-to-use social platform that inspires them to build long-lasting workplace relationships

The company ditched previously used email, bulletin boards, and fragmented platforms to adopt a solution that was built with frontline employees in mind.

Staying Agile During Challenging Seasons

Being in the attractions industry, Mission Ridge is almost always prepared for uncertain times. So, when the pandemic hit, the team was ready to do what they do best – stay agile and communicate honestly.

As an early adopter of Beekeeper, the company could quickly pivot its communications strategy during the global pandemic.

“Communication with our crew became more important than ever. We already had Beekeeper in place for four years, so we had the tool. All we needed to do was make sure we were communicating about what was actually happening.”

– Josh Jorgensen, General Manager, Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort

To keep everyone on the same page, the team leveraged two important Beekeeper features:

  1. With video uploading, the company delivered operational updates, outlined protocol changes, or shared motivational messages directly from company leaders.
  2. In-depth analytics helped the Mission Ridge team track engagement with their communications. Through their analytics dashboard, they could easily trace who did or did not receive their most recent message.  

With the right communication tool in hand, the company was well-suited to adapt quickly, communicate transparently, and maintain resiliency on their journey to a new normal.

Retaining Talent In The Off-Season

The attractions industry has long struggled with frontline employee engagement and retention. Especially when businesses like Mission Ridge have to decrease headcount during the slower months.

With Beekeeper, the company now has a secured channel to stay connected to employees after they’ve transitioned to their summer jobs.

“We need to bring back experienced people, and in a seasonal business, that’s one of the biggest challenges we face. Keeping them engaged with the resort in the off-season has led to better retention.”  

– Josh Jorgensen, General Manager, Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort

The company uses Beekeeper to help employees stay connected in the off-season by:

  • Providing access to their designated Streams so they can share life updates
  • Sharing company news and updates so they can return knowing the most up-to-date information
  • Enabling group and 1:1 chats to build relationships with other team members they would interact with regularly

Digital enablement of the frontline workforce is a necessity for doing business in the next normal. With Beekeeper’s mobile collaboration platform, companies like Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort can connect, engage, and empower their most essential employees – no matter where they are.

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