Culture, Connection and Communication - How to support your Frontline Managers

Retail TouchPoints Report: Retail Survival Requires Digitally Enabling Your Frontline Employees

Provide Associates With a Mobile Platform to Increase Agility, Productivity, and Safety

As frontline, essential retail employees continue to face occupational challenges due to COVID-19, the importance of digital enablement is more apparent than ever.

In partnership with Retail TouchPoints, this report takes an in-depth look at the digital enablement trend for frontline retail employees, with an emphasis on grocery retail. Using real-world examples, this report reveals how digital enablement can help retailers build a more productive, empowered frontline workforce.

This report will help you:

  • Digitize paper-based processes and save thousands on printing costs
  • Centralize information and save employees at least three hours each week
  • Empower associates to deliver a better customer experience that boosts revenue and instills customer loyalty

“Thanks to Beekeeper, we have connected our employees, provided them direct access to information, the ability to talk to one another, and given a voice to our frontliners. I’m especially fond of its ease of use, simplicity, and the fact it allows us to connect all our employees, regardless of where they work or if they have access to a computer.”

Sarah Cousin, Head of Internal Communication, Chalhoub Group