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The Dynamic Signal Alternative You’ve Been Searching For

There are countless apps, like Dynamic Signal, on the market that promise to deliver the all-in-one workplace communication platform you’ve always wanted. But before you get swept away by promises of a more productive, united workforce, it’s important to take a look under the hood of these Dynamic Signal alternatives tools to evaluate what they’re really offering.

Your workforce deserves to use a mobile employee app that meets every last one of their needs. Among the many Dynamic Signal alternatives, Beekeeper is the most viable — especially for companies with frontline employees.

Dynamic Signal Competitors

Before digging into what is Dynamic Signal and its competitors, let’s begin with dynamic communication.

digital signal competitors with Beekeeper

What makes communication dynamic? Communication is the ongoing exchange of information. And, in the workplace, communication mishaps can fall into one of two buckets:

  1. Desk employees can become overwhelmed with information coming through too many communication channels
  2. Frontline employees lack having the information they need, nor receive news through the channel that best suits them

These two situations are why organizations are looking for the right dynamic communication tool that fits all of their organization’s needs.

So, what makes communication dynamic? Informative and engaging content that gets the right message to the right people at the right time.

Now, what is Dynamic Signal? Dynamic Signal offers a top-down corporate social media solution optimized for the Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, and Technology industries.

Yet, it is one of several options available that have similar features and benefits. Here are some top-rated Dynamic Signal competitors:

  1. Motivosity: Motivosity is a similar employee engagement platform that helps employees connect, recognize, listen, and lead either from a desktop or mobile device.
  2. Flex Surveys: Flex Surveys provides customizable employee engagement surveys to improve overall employee satisfaction.
  3. Leapsome: Leapsome provides an all-in-one platform for people performance management, including goal setting, direct feedback, and 360º review features.
  4. Performance Culture: Performance Culture offers performance management software focused on elevating team alignment, coaching, and leading through continuous feedback.
  5. Jalapeno: Jalapeno is a web-based app that uses data and analytics to better engage employees in the workplace.

Learn About the Best Dynamic Signal Alternative

best dynamic signal app alternative with Beekeeper

Beekeeper’s comprehensive communications tools and operational suite has helped hundreds of business leaders all over the world streamline employee communication, boost team productivity, and measure engagement with employee statistics from their analytics dashboard.

With Beekeeper, you have access to all the tools you need in one, intuitive platform. Let’s dive deeper into why Beekeeper stands out among other software providers such as Dynamic Signal.

Streamline Employee Communications

Employee communications can be incredibly complex to navigate. There’s office politics, language barriers, employees who don’t have email, the list of obstacles goes on.

In order to actually communicate effectively with all your employees, regardless of location, language, shift, or job title, companies need to streamline their communication efforts to maximum efficiency.

What does that mean? This means leveraging the power of a comprehensive digital workplace like Beekeeper to keep all communication channels in one place.

Pro tip: Make sure your digital workplace is accessible on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

As far as alternatives go, Beekeeper is one of the most effective employee communications platforms on the market. The intuitive mobile app is perfect for both remote workers and non-desk workers, who can easily communicate using the simple interface.

What’s more, features like group chats and 1:1 messaging allows your team to reach each other immediately so they can resolve urgent situations or safety emergencies.

If your organization has a large percentage of frontline workers, then Beekeeper is the best Dynamic Signal alternative you will find. This is because users do not need an email address to log in or even use the Beekeeper platform. Whereas in order to use Dynamic Signal, users must have an email address to login.

This poses a huge problem if you’re trying to onboard hundreds of employees who don’t have a company email address because they’re part-time, or non-desk workers.

One of the reasons Beekeeper is so great for frontline workers is because we offer a seamless QR code login. Just scan, and you’re in! It’s that simple.

In addition to QR code login, Beekeeper can also offer several options for automated workflows, while Dynamic Signal’s offerings may be more limited. With Beekeeper you can create trigger-based content workflows (what we like to call Worker Bees), enable HR chatbots, and set up Zapier plug-in play workflows. The automation possibilities are endless!

For example, when new employees first login to the platform, they can receive a direct message from the CEO welcoming them to the company.

Boost Employee Productivity

Employee apps like Dynamic Signal claim to improve productivity. While communication tools do tend to help workers accomplish more, Beekeeper is especially effective for maximizing employee productivity at your organization.

Instant messaging and mobile file and image sharing allows for a real-time exchange of information, ensuring that employees get what they need faster.

With Dynamic Signal, employees can only share posts, they can’t share images and files via chat, making real-time collaboration nearly impossible for frontline workers.

What’s more, with features like inline translations, our mobile employee app leverages the power of automation and other technology to save time for both managers and employees. While Dynamic Signal’s platform supports around a dozen languages, Beekeeper’s inline translations feature makes internal communication accessible in more than 100 languages.

Measure Employee Engagement

Connecting your entire workforce is critical to the success of your business. You’ll want to look for platforms with analytics that measure employee engagement in order to gauge how effective your internal communication efforts really are. While Dynamic Signal provides some analytics, many companies tend to find Beekeeper’s dashboard particularly useful.

Our employee engagement platform generates comprehensive reports with statistics on user activity and also analyzes survey results. With these employee engagement statistics, you’ll have a better understanding of how to engage with your employees.

You’ll also have tools that can reveal which communication strategies are successful and which strategies still need to be refined.

While Dynamic Signal does offer an analytics dashboard, what Beekeeper uniquely offers is a proactive Customer Success team that helps our customers track engagement and get the most out of our platform. For customers who sign up for premium support, Beekeeper provides them with a dedicated customer success manager who helps them develop, implement, and assess internal communication strategies.

“The Beekeeper Team has become an extension of my own team – what a great group of partners, and HUMANS, for that matter!”

Our fearless Customer Success Manager leading an implementation workshop for a brand new Beekeeper customer!

Connect and Engage Your Employees Like Never Before

While Dynamic Signal offers a digital communication platform that’s optimized for businesses with a majority of desk workers, Beekeeper is among the best Dynamic Signal alternatives when it comes to connecting non-desk employees. When compared to similar apps, Beekeeper stands out for its ability to unify channels of communication, maximize productivity, and measure employee engagement.

There’s a reason why global industry leaders around the world like Hilton, Domino’s Pizza, Holcim, and Heathrow trust Beekeeper as their preferred digital workplace. Are you ready to revolutionize the way your team works? Give Beekeeper a try today!

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