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Level Up Employee Connection With This StaffConnect Alternative

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Connection (noun) – a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

Employee connection and engagement in the workplace is a critical factor for organizational success. When employees feel connected to their companies and fellow team members, they are more likely to be:

  • Engaged in their workspace and work relationships
  • Motivated to do their best job
  • Empowered to take action when needed
  • Inspired to speak up to improve processes

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Considering only 34% of the U.S. workforce is engaged, companies are looking to employee engagement technology to bridge the gap.

When it comes to workplace digital solutions to facilitate better employee connections, there are plenty of choices – including employee engagement platform StaffConnect. But for businesses that need a frontline-first approach, there is a StaffConnect alternative that’s right for you.

What Is StaffConnect?

StaffConnect is an employee connection and engagement platform that provides mobile access for non-desk employees. The mobile app aims to give all employees a voice, no matter where they sit, with features like:

  • Channels
  • Employee Directories
  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Push notifications
  • Event Management

What Are StaffConnect’s Strengths and Weaknesses?

StaffConnect is well-known for creating a simplified staffing platform that helps employees form connections within their workplace. Reviews of the platform indicate it’s a simplistic tool to enhance team interaction in large enterprises with scheduling and document sharing capabilities.

StaffConnect also offers an enterprise-wide communication platform where employees can receive company news directly. However, several customer reviews indicate the tool’s mobile experience is not always a seamless process to navigate.

Mobile devices are the best tool to connect and engage with frontline employees. So, a smooth mobile experience that goes beyond simplified staffing is critical for long-term adoption.

Which is why Beekeeper is an excellent StaffConnect alternative for frontline-first businesses.

Beekeeper – The StaffConnect Alternative 

Beekeeper's dashboard as a StaffConnect alternative

Why is Beekeeper a great StaffConnect alternative? Because Beekeeper is an enterprise collaboration software tool that was specifically built for essential, frontline employees.

Employees on the front line are always on the go. Whether they’re working directly with customers or on the production line, they need access to information, fast.

With Beekeeper, deskless employees are instantly connected to their colleagues and organization with a seamless mobile experience.

How Beekeeper Builds Next-Level Employee Connections

At Beekeeper, we’ve helped hundreds of companies bridge the gap between the connected and the unconnected. We do that by enabling businesses with a mobile solution that:

  • Reaches all employees across locations on their mobile devices
  • Connects employees in their native languages with inline translations
  • Facilitates team engagement and peer-to-peer communication with 1:1 and group chats
  • Increases employee retention, satisfaction, and safety by digitizing paper-based processes and streamlining workflows

Beekeeper also equips employees with the right tools to have their voices heard. With features like surveys and questionnaires, businesses can gather direct feedback from their workforce and identify ways to continuously improve.  

Beekeeper's survey features

How To Create Lasting Employee Connection with a Digital Workplace

No matter which technology platform you select, it’s important that it’s the right one for your business. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to get your new tool in the hands of your employees.

Here are five essential steps to implementing your employee connection and engagement platform:

  • Step 1: Take a bottom-up approach to best understand your frontline workforce’s needs
  • Step 2: Utilize customer success teams to create a tool that provides value in every possible scenario
  • Step 3: Leverage internal champions to help build excitement and organic connections on your new tool
  • Step 4: Get company leaders engaged on the tool (and remind them to stay active)
  • Step 5: Remember to use available data and analytics to continuously improve the platform

Given the low levels of employee engagement, now is the time for businesses to leverage employee-driven technology to build better connections. And, Beekeeper is ready to be your partner.

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