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How to Improve Operations Management With a Team Communication App

When we hear the term, ‘digital workplace,’ we tend to focus on the benefits for frontline workers, but going digital is a great leadership strategy too to improve operations.

A team communication app can be a key component in this by transforming operations management through better connecting you with your staff, as well as streamlining and automating workflows.

A team communication app is a workforce solution that will support your day-to-day decisions by giving you a visual of your entire playing field. Reach every employee in real time to communicate objectives, achieve goals, and gather feedback so you know what’s going on in every sector of the operation.

With a digital workplace, operations management runs more smoothly so you can focus on running the company.

Build Your Best Workforce with Better Internal Operational Communication

“Imagine a large organization with 10,000 or 50,000 employees, 80% of which are frontline employees. The number one question that we answer for them is: how do I actually reach all of those employees while making sure I can interact and communicate with them?”
Cristian Grossmann, CEO, Beekeeper

CEOs are responsible for the big picture, but they need a loyal team to help fulfill their vision and business objectives. Leaders build loyalty through internal communication, but about half of all workers say they’re in the dark when it comes to their company’s future plans.

With a digital workplace for internal operational communications, leadership can voice company goals in a clear, direct way so your workforce can support company goals.

The following benefits of incorporating a digital workplace to create your best workforce include:

  • Transparent internal communication for goal alignment
  • Increased productivity through inclusion within a digital workplace
  • Dedication to a shared vision which improves employee retention

Together, these factors create a win-win workforce solution. As an added benefit, when you open the lines of communication with a digital workplace, frontline staff will give you valuable feedback on areas needing improvement to optimize operations management.

Automate Operations Management Logistics for Internal Operational Communication

To optimize operations management, delegate tasks within the digital workplace. Scheduling, payroll, and benefits are important to employees, but they can be time-consuming tasks for management. Integrating them into a team communication app streamlines these HR processes for a more efficient workflow.

By messaging chatbots in Beekeeper, answers to employee questions can be automated instead of management having to field questions. For employees, there’s peace of mind knowing they can easily check the PTO status or obtain paycheck details quickly via their mobile device, or utilize internal operational communication.

Beekeeper employee app chatbot showing PTO and payslips

The simplicity of a digital workplace is a key factor in improving operations management. Dentsply Sirona needed an internal communication solution to improve operations and connect their North American Endodontics team.

The majority of these Dentsply Sirona employees don’t spend their workday at a desk as they are either manufacturing or distributing Dentsply Sirona products. The company now uses Beekeeper to share best practices and customer-centric content across manufacturing and sales departments and other staff.

Empower Senior Management with a Digital Workplace

A new generation is entering management, yet only 36% of millennials feel prepared for those jobs. Cultivating a digital workplace caters to millennials who grew up with technology and are more than ready to embrace it in their careers. Business leaders can utilize a team communication app in two ways to empower these future leaders:

  • Communicate your vision so managers can implement compatible policies that align with the mission.
  • Automate training and onboarding while also adding a personal touch.

A team communication app is an important part of any effective workforce solution. Adopting one as part of your digital workplace will simplify operations and optimize internal communications for better operations management.

To see how a digital workplace can improve operations management, download the Dentsply Sirona Endodontics North America case study.